Beacon BEC08

Beacon with Blue low energy(BLE) technology.

BEC08 Beacon 

Wristband tag


Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.2 compliant, Bluetooth 5 compatible

Range: up to 100 meters( open area)

Transmission power levels:   -20~+4dBm

Sensitivity: -97dBm

Dimensions and weight

  • Height : φ37mm  (1.5 inch)

  • Width : -

  • Depth: 6mm (0.24 inch) 

  • Weight: 25g     (0.88oz) 


  • Microcontroller: NRF52810

Battery and Power

  • Model: CR2032

  • Type: Button cell

  • Capacity: 220mAh

  • Replaceable: Yes

  • Battery life: >9month  (Tx=0dBm; interval: 1s)


  • Sensor support : No


  • Material: PC+ silicone

  • Colors: black

  • Protection: IP50

  • Mounting: Wrist wear

  • Customization: Logo printed

  • Antibacterial surface: No

Environmental Requirements

  • Operational temperature: -40-+85°C

  • Humidity: From 0% to 95%

Beacon standards compatibility

  • Ibeacon: YES

  • Eddystone: optional

  • Custom frames possible for large orders: YES

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