Introduction of Bluetooth positioning solution

Bluetooth provides low-cost, energy-efficient, and easy-to-deploy indoor positioning and tracking technology. This helps to easily locate or track objects and people, find routes and other important information in buildings and facilities (such as airports, shopping centers, etc.). Generally, location information may bring other opportunities.

For example, location service technology can be integrated with IoT, analytics and other technologies to trigger specific actions based on the location of the user or object. Typical use cases include sending personalized messages to users, powering HVAC systems, sending custom marketing messages, etc. The benefits of using Bluetooth include its low cost, high energy efficiency, independence of network work, less interference, easy deployment and integration into the Bluetooth ecosystem, and so on. Support Bluetooth triangulation, AoA positioning algorithm.

Block diagram of Bluetooth positioning solution

The value of Bluetooth positioning solution






Introduction of Bluetooth positioning kit


Support multiple wireless protocols Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, with 4G LTE function and spare lithium battery function, open API interface, can be connected to customer private cloud platform

and shared platform.


Various types of beacons, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, easy to install, support iBeacon protocol, and Eddystone protocol.

Advantages of Bluetooth positioning solution

Standard certification

Smart devices comply with the wireless certification and security certification, FCC, CE, CCC, UL.

Open API interface

The gateway opens

the API interface to

facilitate the docking of various systems and platforms

Bluetooth health protocol

The standard Bluetooth health protocol makes docking easier and easier.

luci configuration page

The gateway comes with a standard Luci configuration page,

making it easier to access the cloud

on the device.

Multi-type gateway and beacon

Multiple types of gateways and beacons are suitable for use in multiple scenarios and meet waterproof and outdoor conditions.

Healthcare hardware device API interface

  • All devices have open API interfaces, which can be connected to customers' private and shared platforms.

Equipment name

Device model

Device interface document




Customer feedback

Kieran, CTO, a positioning solution provider from Russia:


We have many application scenarios that need to use the positioning, so we need different types of beacons. Dusun’s beacons are in rich types, and there are gateways for various scenarios as a supporting tool, open API interfaces, which let us docked the platform quickly.