Bluetooth Temperature Humidity Beacon

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Model Name: DSR-0819

1. Product description

Temperature and Humidity Sensor Beacon is a new generation based on Beacon technology developed by Dusun. The product can send the collected temperature and humidity data information to the mobile phone or gateway through Beacon broadcast.

2. Product Features

Product parameter
Model No DSR-0819
Main Product Size Ø55*23mm
Product Weight 37g
Chip Type NRF52810
Bluetooth Protocol BLE4.0 Protocol, support upgrade to 5.0
Broadcast Power -20 ~ +4dBm default 4d
Broadcast Interval 2000ms, adjustable
Transmission Distance 100m (In an open environment)
Output power 0dBm
RX sensitivity -96dBm
Support Equipment iOS7.0 and above, Android4.3 and above
Stand-by Current <1uA, average
Operating Current <5uA (Default transmit power 0dB, Broadcast frequency 2s)
Working Voltage 3V
Working Temperature -40~+85
Storage Temperature -40~+125
Battery Capacity CR123A
Temperature detect range -40°C~125°C
Humidity detect range 0~100%RH
Temperature detection accuracy ±0.4℃
Humidity detection accuracy ±4%RH
No Switch (Automatically work at power-on)
Working Life 2 year
Designed to meet indoor wireless industrial-grade coverage, The XD-8600A uses the MTK7620A and can easily handle a wide range of applications at 580MHz.

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