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Dusun Announces its Zigbee2mqtt Router to Shorten Time for IoT Projects

Dusun Electron Ltd., a leading kernel supplier of smart edge devices for IoT(the internet of things)  solutions, announced its Zigbee2mqtt router that supports MQTT protocol to connect to the cloud platform lately.
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Dusun Electron Ltd., a leading kernel supplier of smart edge devices for IoT(the internet of things)  solutions, announced its Zigbee2mqtt router that supports MQTT protocol to connect to the cloud platform lately.

The Zigbee2mqtt gateway is designed to let IoT developers develop more efficiently and flexibly. There will be less time for integration to the IoT platforms because of the standard MQTT protocol.

MQTT is a connectivity protocol that is useful for connections with remote locations where a small code footprint is required and/or network bandwidth is at a premium. It’s more suitable for IoT scenarios.

The IoT solutions, it has been used in smart sensors communicating to a broker, and in a range of home automation, and other scenarios. As we mentioned, Zigbee2mqtt smart gateway allows the developers to take control and build one system more quickly for creating their specific smart home projects.

What Zigbee2mqtt router does is provide a more standard and resilient process to make communication between connected Zigbee devices and the clouds. Once the Zigbee devices are accessible via MQTT messaging, the developers can use an application or platform such as Tuya for their remote control and online management.

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Dusun’s zigbee2mqtt router

What’s more, Dusun’s Zigbee2mqtt router provides instruction for flashing the gateway and firmware with the open-source software on the Linux OpenWrt system, and it also makes the configuration of the router and devices pairing become more easily too. IoT developers can do more extensive development by following the instruction themselves.

The advantages of Dusun’s Zigbee2mqtt router:

Zigbee and other wireless protocols supported: Z-Wave and BLE are compatible.

Stable data transmission capacity: The Dusun hub supports popular MQTT and custom-made protocols such as web socket. It delivers data through internet connections including Wi-Fi, NBIot, 2G/3G/4G cellular, and wired connection.

Programmability: Extended or secondary development is supported to let developers get the data from the edge devices/sensors, process the data, and translate the data into MQTT.

About Dusun Electron Ltd.

Dusun Electron Ltd., a high-growth global leader and provider of wireless human-computer interaction solutions and IoT system solutions, is uniquely positioned with a broad-based wireless technology portfolio inclusive of ZigBee, Z-Wave, RF4CE, Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G/4G, LTE and interactive paradigms with voice, touch, motion pointing, gesture recognition, and virtual reality control.

Dusun’s wireless human-computer interaction solutions include IR, RF (Bluetooth BLE, ZigBee/RF4CE, 2,4G, WiFi), voice control, air-mouse, and touch along with products covering smart remote control, VR controller, and wireless modules. Dusun’s IoT system solutions include ZigBee 3.0, Z-wave, 3G/4G/LTE, WiFi, and Bluetooth-based smart sensors and gateway along with cloud platform services to support applications from smart home, smart access control, smart hotel management, to elder care assistance.

The company specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of innovative products and solutions that are used by the world’s premier brands in such markets including Smart TV, PayTV & OTT, and IoT sectors. With design and development excellence and core competencies in introducing many technology firsts to the market, Dusun further demonstrates its commitment as a world leader in its field over traditional remote control competitors.

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