Bluetooth Cloud Module

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Bluetooth Cloud Module

Dusun’s Bluetooth cloud modules enable secure, reliable connectivity in smart buildings, smart homes, household applications, baby monitor and health care. They are embedded with protocol functions that enabling users to customize their products by using these software examples.

Free-to-deploy modules for
series of Bluetooth IoT device

  • At 16 mm x 24mm, allows for more compact and portable applications
  • One module for the all BLE protocols: Bluetooth 5.2, Long Range, iBeacon/eddy stone, Bluetooth Scan, Bluetooth Mesh
  • Built-in a series of different Bluetooth IoT product firmware
  • Support OTA function, though Cloud platform.
  • Free MQTT- API to quickly connect products to public and private cloud platforms though Dusun Bluetooth gateway
DM 20220629101932 008


DSM-050 is a low-power embedded Bluetooth v5.2 module. It is composed of a highly integrated wireless chip nRF52840 and some peripheral devices.

The antenna is on board PCB Antenna with 2.0dBi gain. This module supports Mesh protocol and long range protocol and is suitable for smart home device.

This module can be built-in a series of different Bluetooth IoT product firmware, can realize product design without development. This can greatly reduce the product development cycle and quickly go to market.

Otherwise, it can be equipped with Dusun Bluetooth gateway, which will provide MQTT documents for free, and quickly connect to public cloud platforms or private platforms.


Specifications DSM-050
Basic RF Features
Frequency Band 2.400–2.480 GHz
Wireless Protocol Standard Bluetooth 5.2
Antenna Type PCB antenna
Date Rate 125~2Mbps
Transmit Power +8dBm
Receiver Sensitivity (1% PER) -103dBm(125Kbps)
Operate Range Up to 300m(~1200ft)
Serial Data Interface UART, GPIO, PWM
Configuration Method API, OTA
Operate temperature -20~85°C
Dimensions (L*W*H) 14.8±0.35 mm (W)×20.5 ±0.35 mm (L) ×3.4±0.15 mm (H)
Power parameters
Power input 1.8~3.8VDC
Low-level input voltage -0.3V~VDD*0.25
High-level input voltage VDD*0.75~3.6V
Low-level output voltage <VDD*0.1
High-level output voltage >VDD*0.8

Product Size:

DM 20220629101932 013

Reference layout package:

DM 20220629101932 014

Pin definition:

Pin number Name Function
1 GND ground
2 GPIO General Purpose Input Output
3 VCC 3.3VDC input
4 nRST Reset
5 GPIO General Purpose Input Output
6 SWCLK JLINK SWCLK programming pin. Normal application Can be used as GPIO in sequence
7 SWDIO JLINK SWCLK programming pin. Normal application Can be used as GPIO in sequence
12 VCC 3.3VDC input
13 ADC 12SDC
14 GND ground


Module Reel Static-free aluminum foil bag Carton
- 800 pcs Module per Reel 1pcs Reel per bag 5 pcs bags per carton box


Part Name Description
Pin-in transfer board The pins of the module can be transferred one to one, suitable for socket use
In-Line transfer board The pins of the module can be transferred one to one, suitable for in line use

OTA Function

Bluetooth IoT device that built-in Bluetooth cloud module supports OTA function through Cloud.

DM 20220629101932 022

Product support

DM 20220629101932 023


Built-in stable firmware for various IoT products.
Product Name Wireless Devices Firmware version
DSM-050-1 Temperature &humidity sensor DSM-050_T&H sensor.bin
DSM-050-2 iBeacon/eddystone DSM-050_Beacon.bin
DSM-050-3 Motion DSM-050_ Motion.bin
DSM-050-4 Leakage DSM-050_Leakage.bin
DSM-050-5 Smoke DSM-050-Smoke.bin
DSM-050-6 Mesh DSM-050-Mesh.bin
DSM-050-7 Bluetooth Scan DSM-050-Scan.bin


It can provide the free MQTT protocol for the gateway to connect to the customer platform. Customers can easily deploy the entire system and view the status and data of the end device any time.

DM 20220629101932 024
Temperature &humidity sensor
iBeacon / eddystone

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