Bluetooth Keyfob/wristband Beacon Product Specification

Table of Contents

Product Name: Bluetooth Keyfob / wristband beacon
Model Name : DSBC-100

1. Introduction

1.1 Description

DSBC-100 is Is a keyfob/wristband Bluetooth beacon, DUSUN developed a portable sensor device. Suitable for indoor positioning, asset positioning, scenic navigation,patrol check-in, advertising push, asset management, project tracking, and other scene applications. The product is developed based on the NRF52820 chip of NORDIC Company. It has the built-in Bluetooth 5.0 an above protocol, and has the excellent function of ultra-low power consumption. It has a red LED light and button.

1.2 Application
  • Person position
  • Archives
  • Experimental (test) rooms
  • Workshop
  • Museums
  • Work card

2. Appearance

DM 20220629141014 008
Long range iBeacon NFC
DSBC-100-1 iBeacon(1)

Remark: (1) Can be designed as a standard iBeacon, Eddystone protocol, can also meet the needs of broadcast package customization

3. Product specification

3.1 RF performance
Protocol Built-in PA Performance
Bluetooth 5.0 Without PA
  • Main IC: nRF52820
  • Transmission frequency: 2.400 - 2.4835GHz
  • TX power: 4dBm,adjustable
  • Communication rate: 1Mbps
  • RX sensitivity: -95 dBm
  • Transmission distance:50~100 meters (open area)
NFC - ISO/IEC 14443 A
Item Performance
  • Working voltage: 2.2~3.6VDC
  • Average power consumption: <50uA (2S interval)
  • Built-in battery: CR2032 180mAh
  • Battery life: 9month (Depends on the mode of operation)
  • RTC: not support
  • IP protection: IP68
  • Outline size: φ41mm
  • Certification: CE FCC

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