May be it's time to wipe out the traditional Locks entirely.

Smart Electronic Cabinet Lock 





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Battery Backup


Dusun-Roombanker advanced smart cabinet lock is optimized for smartphones, but also supports password, digital keypad, card, or even your fingerprint. Different kinds of access ways to allow users to lock and unlock the door effortless at anywhere and anytime, and with real time monitoring function, you will always know who comes and goes, all records of opening will be sent to the admin smart phone.

Our fashion-designed intelligent cabinet lock enabled with stand-alone, bluetooth and zigbee,   they can be widely applied in all public storage for security, such as  self-storage warehouses, Medical or healthcare, industrial storage, business&office, Luggage storage, military storage,  Library storage, School storage, Atheletic Equipment storage and Museum storage, and even personal furniture storage, and so on.

With Dusun own-developed platform,  the administrators could control, monitor and manage their storage/warehouse easily, efficiency and cost-effectively. No more human guarders for management, no more physical parts (locks or keys) need to be changed for new users. No more traditional QR code Tips for temporary users.

Access with  A Single Button for Multiple People

You can authorize unlimited independent user codes for different groups of people like tenants, employees and cleaners to access the same lock with a single button easily.

Easy Manage and Control Remotely

You can add or delete each individual user through smartphone at anywhere and anytime .

Real Time Monitoring and Protecting

You will always know which cabinet or warehouse been unlocked or locked, when and how, all records of opening will be sent to the admin smart phone.

Unique in Design

Poly-line Designed Handle for comfortable depressions

Lighting Aperture For Night Guidance

Emergency Power Supply


This function allows the user to type in any number of random digits, and can still gain access as long as the real password is entered continuously  in the longer set of numbers.“Anti-peep password” ensures that strangers cannot steal your password by fingerprints due to long-term use or watching it nearby.

For example, Correct password: "123456", Virtual password: "***123456***".


If the batteries are running low, the door lock informs you through a specific melody. If you forget to replace the batteries before they are fully discharged, you can open the door with a battery on the instant battery charging terminal.


If someone tries to gain access in an unusual way, the built-in anti-intrusion technology will issue an alert. When you enter an incorrect password 5 times, the lock will be automatically locked for 5 minute until press correct password.


Intelligent Public Storage Management Solution

Management system platform

Send commands to specific cabinet lock

Mobile OneNet

Upload Operation History Data


User’s reservations and orders

Users are able to find the available storages nearby through smart phones or other terminals, and place order online and finish payment, then open the cabinet doors with a single touch button.

Send command to system to unlock

Open the door with the right authorities

User Terminals

Main Functions of The Management Platform

Real Time Status

Check the status and operation history of storages in real time.

Data Report

Evaluate the vacancy rate, order quantities of each storages/cabinets.

User Management

Collecting user’s information

Analyze user behavior and preferences.

Authorize Various Codes

The system offers separated menus, authorities setting and personalization definitions.

Order Information

Check orders listing and details.

Message Notifications 

Promptly notifications of the

overdue orders, in case of someone broke storages,

Locks in the low-power mode, and so on.


E-contract created and signed online .


Offer different kinds of Coupons for users.

Easy DIY Installation

Front Side

Back Side



Door Fitment

Power Supply

4 AA Battery

Communication Protocols

Stand-alone, Zigbee, Bluetooth

Standby Current


Working Current


Maximum Current


Unlock Time


Working Temperature

-20ºC ~ 60ºC

Relative humidity


Access Methods



3*4 touchpad, keys are "0-9" number and "OK",  Battery Volume and Lock Status.

Key Capabilties

Password 50 sets.

Unlock History

Stored in the cloud of platform.

Cloud-based Memory

The password would not be reset when out of power.

Emergency Power Supply

A micro USB charging port for emergency power supply. 

Battery Life Time

12-15 months.


aluminium alloy

Surface Panel


Auto Lock

It will be auto locked after 5s, in case you forgot to lock.

Physical Button

Inside the cover of battery, to reset the lock to default value.

Intrusion Alarm

If incorrect password enter 5 times, automatically locked for 5 minutes until press correct password.

Automatic latch lock the door, you need to use the mechanical key to open or power

Security for power off

Power Volume

 When the power is less than 30% to open the door , sent by ZIGBEE to the cloud of information, battery indicator, or open the door buzzer sounds unusual

Lock Body Size

self-eject mechanical body, width 15mm*height 12mm.


Value-added Services


Support Application Development

Dusun able to provide  the SDK of gateway, allow customers to develop the firmware application. 


Support for Saas Development

API of platform can be offered for convenience to develop the Saas applications for end users.


Support for Embedded Development

We are able to help customer to make embedded development to custom functions.


Support for Docking to Your App

The communication protocols could be provided for customers to dock to your own applications.


OEM Order Accepteted

The Logo and color could be customized when order quantity more than 2000 units, and we are able to help customers to make certifications to fit to  your target markets.