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An introduction of connecting a beacon device to Dusun gateway

This document shows an example of how to connect a beacon device to the Dusun gateway and upload it to the mqtt broker.

The operation video has been uploaded to YouTube, please check about it in the following link,

The following steps show you about how to do it.


1. First of all, we need to prepare a gateway, one beacon and a PC installed MQTT broker .

2. Copy the Test_beacon program to the gateway through ssh method, it can be done either with the WinSCP program or ssh Test_beacon root@ command in command line, the is the IP address of your gateway.


3. Then we log in the gateway with ssh method ssh root@ or use the SecureCRT or putty client.The password and user name are both root.


4. Meanwhile, install the mqtt service and create a mqtt broker on the PC to function as a server end.


5. Run the Test_beacon program on the SecureCRT client, now the data can already be received from the mqtt broker.


6. Open the MQTT.fx to subscribe from the topic ‘beacon_data’ gateway published to


The final data you acquired from the local server consists of three part, first 6 bytes’ data are x,y,z accelerate data read from the beacon, the next 6 bytes’ data are mac address of the beacon device, which can be used as the unique id to identify the beacon. And last one byte used to identify the 1:on/0:off status.

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An introduction of connecting a beacon device to Dusun gateway

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