How to connect to MQTT broker with SSL method in Dusun gateway?

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This document describes the way to connect to MQTT broker with SSL method in Dusun gateway.
1. Log in the gateway with the IP obtained from the superior router, in my case it’s, the user name: root, password : root

DM 20220701144306 008
2. Go to the LUCI page for mqtt configuration, type in the mqtt broker ip, port, user name, password and set the SSL option to ssl encrypt.
DM 20220701144306 009

Then click save and apply, thus the gateway has been already connected to your desired mqtt broker.

3. In order to check the status, open the MQTT.fx program to subscribe from the same broker and the topic ‘t ’ where the gateway publish the data to.

DM 20220701144306 010
DM 20220701144306 011

It can be seen the broker has received the message from the gateway and the MQTT.fx client can subscribe it from the built topic

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