Temperature & Humidity Sensor Specification

Temperature & Humidity Sensor | Wireless ZigBee Temperature & Humidity Sensor with Powerful Functions

Dusun Temperature & Humidity sensor senses the environmental temperature and humidity. Low power, tool-free installation, ready to use. 

*This product is for indoor use only, it needs to be operated with  Dusun's smart gateway.

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Model list



Bluetooth 5.0

Zigbee 3.0



1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose& Description

This is a temperature and humidity sensor for smart home applications. It is mainly used to detect indoor

temperature and humidity. It supports the wireless Zigbee Greenpower protocol. Real time monitor the

temperature/humidity of the room, a line graph shows the history temperature/humidity.


1.2 Product Feature Summary

  • Low power consumption

  • Easy Installation

  • Real-time and Historical Records

  • High measurement accuracy

  • Battery powered

2. Mechanical Requirement

2.1 Drawings

temperature & humidity-1.png

2.2 Interface

temperature & humidity-interface.png

3. Specifications


Specific Parameter

Battery type

Battery Life

Voltage range

Sleeping current

Temperature accuracy

Humidity accuracy

Working temperature

Working Humidity

Anti static requirement

Pairing button

Sensor chip


Zigbee Performance

Bluetooth Performance

CR2032 3V

2 years





-5℃ ~ +65℃


Touch+/-6KV,Air discharge+/-12KV




  • TX Power: 17.5dBm

  • Range: 100 meters minimum, open filed

  • Receiving Sensibility:-94dBm

  • Frequency offset: +/-20KHZ

  • Frequency Range (MHz):2401.0~2483.5

  • Low Frequency (MHz):2400

  • High Frequency (MHz):2483.5

  • E.i.r.p (Equivalent Isotopically Radiated power) (mW)<100mW

  • Bandwidth (MHz):5MHz

  • Modulation: OQPSK

  • TX Power: 17.5dBm

  • Bluetooth: 17.5dBm

  • Range: 150 meters minimum, open filed

  • Receiving Sensibility: -80dBm@0.1%BER

  • Frequency offset: +/-20KHZ

  • Frequency Range (MHz):2401.0~2483.5

  • Low Frequency (MHz):2400

  • High Frequency (MHz):2483.5

  • E.i.r.p (Equivalent Isotopically Radiated power) (mW)<10mW

  • Bandwidth (MHz):2MHz

  • Modulation: GFSK

4. Software function description

4.1 Pairing


Press and hold the pairing button for 1 seconds, the red indicator light flashes, flashes at the frequency of

2Hz, and the device enters pairing mode.

The red indicator light flashes 5 times slowly (1HZ frequency) which indicates pairing success. The red light

automatically turns off which indicates that the pairing has timed out.

4.2 Unpairing

Press and hold the button for 5 seconds, the sensor unpair with Hub then it auto enter pairing mode.

4.3 Connection

When the device pair with router or coordinator, it automatically reports data, current sensor status and

battery level every 15 minutes.


5. Installation

The product is used for the first time, the matching button battery is installed, and the double-sided adhesive behind the back is removed.


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