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Gateway Introduction

The ALINK Smart Gateway is based on the DSGW-030-4 for Ali Smart. It is integrated with ALINK's SDK and can work with Ali IoT's cloud. It supports a wide range of wireless protocols.

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Tmall Genie Voice Control

Waking up Tmall Genie by voice to control intelligent devices in your home

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More Equipment
More Imagination

Whether it's a Wi-Fi smart device, a Zigbee or a Bluetooth smart device all can be linked on the ALINK Smart Gateway

Internet Of Things Platform

The IoT platform provides SDKs for device-side development that have encapsulated the protocols for device-side interaction with the IoT platform. You can use the device-side SDKs directly for development.

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Stable Zigbee Signal Wider Coverage

Built-in dual antennas for stronger signal, better wall penetration and wide coverage

Zigbee 3.0

Faster device response and smoother control

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75M Signal Coverage Excellent Performance

The wireless distance can reach 75 meters (open), and the Zigbee signal has strong penetration stability

Family Control Centre

Up to 32 stable sub-devices directly connected to one gateway

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Smart Home
Connection Hub

You can connect your devices via the Ali Smart App for intelligent scenarios