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Gateway Introduction

Ayla Smart Gateway is for Ayla networks base on SGW-030-4. It installs Ayla Linux gateway agent , can work with Ayla IoT cloud. It support multiple wireless protocols including Wi-Fi and zigbee3.0, BLE. The user can connect the network through Wi-Fi and Ethernet. You can control the devices via Ayla Networks APP.

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Alexa Voice Control

Waking up Alexa by voice to control intelligent devices in your home

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More Equipment
More Imagination

Whether it's a Wi-Fi smart device, a Zigbee or a Bluetooth smart device all can be linked on the Ayla Smart Gateway

Internet Of Things Platform

Ayla Networks is the world's leading platform for product manufacturers, service providers and enterprise companies to connect any device to any application.

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Stable Zigbee Signal Wider Coverage

Built-in dual antennas for stronger signal, better wall penetration and wide coverage

Zigbee 3.0

Faster device response and smoother control

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75M Signal Coverage Excellent Performance

The wireless distance can reach 75 meters (open), and the Zigbee signal has strong penetration stability

Family Control Centre

Up to 32 stable sub-devices directly connected to one gateway

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Smart Home
Connection Hub

You can connect your devices via the Ayla Smart App for intelligent scenarios