A LoRaWAN Gateway And Efficient HNT Miner

Hotspots provide miles of wireless network coverage for millions of devices around you using the DSGW-210B HNT Indoor Hotspot Miner, and you are rewarded in HNT for doing this,also mining HNT on the Helium Blockchain just as hotspot miners do.

Hardware Block Diagram


LongFi™ Technology

Combining LoRaWAN and Helium Blockchain, extend your IoT coverage and battery life




Battery Life

Penetrating power

Miles Of Wireless Coverage

Support More Wireless Protocols

Wireless protocol include Cellular, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, ZigBee, Z-wave.

Deliver many square miles of coverage from a single Helium Indoor Hotspot Miner

Based on initial testing, only about 50 to 100 Helium Indoor Hotspot Miners are needed to provide complete coverage for an entire city


Connect Any IoT Device

Create a new global network for billions of devices

Any IoT device can become Helium-enabled using readily available off-the-shelf hardware components, software, and a reference design that is open source for anyone to improve upon

Easily to earn HNT

Support More Wireless Protocols

Once your Hotspot is completely deployed and fully synced with the Helium blockchain, you as the owner are not required to do anything else in order to earn $HNT

Proof Of Coverage

Using a system called Proof of Coverage, Helium Indoor Hotspot Miners earn more HNT when they're in range of other Helium Indoor Hotspot Miners, but need to be at least 300 meters apart.