Support Node-RED

Visual programming

Open-source & technically mature

Collaborative development


Gateway Introduction

DSGW-210-Node-RED is developed based on DSGW-210. It features multiple protocols and edge computing capabilities. It installs Node-RED, which provides a graphical, browser-based drag-and-drop Node-RED stream editor that allows you to easily connect hardware devices to various IoT services.

Configurable List



Lower power consumption and stronger performance


Easily access edge computing
nodes and connect to cloud


Visualization, drag, and drop directly
in the browser to create flow


Zigbee, Z-WAVE, BLE, Wi-Fi, 
Cellular, Ethernet, USB, etc.

Excellent Wireless Connectivity

To take advantage of updates and remote control, the DSGW-210-Node-RED plugs into an Ethernet port of your router or your ADSL box. But it is also equipped with Wi-Fi technology, which allows it to be placed wherever you want in your home. It is also equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 technology, which makes it directly functional with compatible Bluetooth devices. And equipped with Zigbee and Z-Wave modules.


High Capacity
Long Battery Life

Support Voice Control

DSGW-210-Node-RED can connect voice device assistants through AWS Cloud Platform to realize voice control of IoT devices at home.

The backup Li-ion battery has a capacity of 6000mAh, which has a stronger range


Browser-based Visual Drag and Drop

Node-Red provides a web-based visual programming environment. Programming is achieved by dragging and dropping defined nodes into the workspace and creating data streams with nodes connected by lines. Save and execute with a single click by clicking the 'Deploy' button. Makes it easy to connect complex devices, APIs, and server behaviors

Open Source and Technically Mature

Node-RED is completely open-source and can be developed in-house; at the heart of Node-RED is Node.js. As you know, Node.js runs in JavaScript and has the largest ecosystem of open source components in the world. It is very mature and has a very active community, and many people are using it.


Built on Top of Node.js

Node-RED has a lightweight runtime built on Node.js that takes full advantage of its event-driven non-blocking model, which makes it useful for a wide range of usual operations, such as

Run locally

Getting started


On a device


In the cloud

IBM Cloud

SenseTecnic FRED

Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure

Scalability & Compatibility

With over 225,000 modules in Node's package repository, it's easy to extend the scope of panel nodes to add new features. And Node-Red supports HTTP, MQTT, WebSocket, TCP, UTP protocols.


Collaborative Development

The flows created in Node-RED are stored using JSON which can be easily imported and exported for sharing with others.

An online flow library allows you to share your best flows with the world.