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Gateway Introduction

The tuya router gateway is developed based on DSGW-020-3, it can be connected to tuya’s ZigBee device and WiFi device. You can control the devices via the gateway with tuya App or smart life App. 

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Dual Frequency In One, Faster

Support 2.4G and 5G, faster speed switch to continuous network at will

Up To 75% Reduced Lag

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Support Xiao Ai, Tmall Genie, Xiaodu, Google,Alexa and other mainstream speaker control.

Smart Voice 
Speaker Control

tuya Router Gateway_05.png

Voice Control To Free 
Up Your Hands

Call out the stereo and turn on the floor lamp

" Tmall Genie, 
turn on the floor lamp "

OK, it s on for you

Stable Zigbee Signal Wider Coverage

External dual antenna for stronger signal, better wall penetration and wider coverage

tuya Router Gateway_06.png

Smart Linked Scenes

Open the door and turn on the lights close the door and turn off the lights for intelligent linked scenes.

More Equipment
More Imagination

Both Wi-Fi smart devices and Zigbee smart devices can be linked on the Tuya Router Gateway

tuya Router Gateway_07.png

Supported Devices

You can connect all devices that support protocols such as Wi-Fi and Zigbee via the gateway