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Model List

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1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose& Description

It’s a Gateway with Wi-Fi, zigbee, BLE, Z-WAVE function . It can be plug and play. It can be used in various scenarios flexibly. It can control zigbee/BLE/Z-WAVE devices remotely, receives the data sent by the zigbee/BLE/Z-WAVE devices and sends it to servers. It can connect to internet via Wi-Fi. It can also be used as a Wi-Fi signal extender.

1.2 Product Feature Summary

  • Support 100-240V AC power supply

  • Support IEEE802.11ac,IEEE802.11n,IEEE802.11g,IEEE 802.11b Protocol;    

  • Support Bluetooth 5.0; 

  • Support zigbee 3.0; 

  • Support the Z-WAVE

  • RoHS compliance(Lead-free)

  • FCC,CE compliance

1.3 Hardware Block Diagram

Hardware block diagram.png

2. Mechanical Requirement

2.1 Drawings

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2.2 Product Size

2.3 Plug accessories

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3. Specifications


Table 0-1 Z-WAVE frequency band table


4. QA Requirements

4.1 Quality Information

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5. Application

(1) Gateway collects information about Beacon nearby, including RSSI, MAC, etc., once per second.

(2) Gateway send the Beacon information to Cloud via Wi-Fi or LTE once per second.

(3) Gateway support the TCP/IP, UDP protocol, and can support the MQTT, LWM2M protocol.

(4) Gateway support the zigbee3.0 devices protocol, and can connect to the zigbee devices.

(5) Gateway is with Wi-Fi repeater function, It can extend the Wi-Fi single.