Silicon Labs/Dusun Design ZigBee 3.0 Gateway with Long-distance Signal Transmission

Recently, Dusun company has successfully built an intelligent multi-functional gateway supporting multiple protocols by adopting ZigBee networking scheme of Silicon Labs. The gateway supports LTE-M (emtc), Wi-Fi, Zigbee 3.0, Bluetooth and Z-Wave wireless protocols, and have Ethernet ports for internet connection. Dusun gateways are suitable for many IoT applications and have been widely applied in home automation, smart office, agriculture, rental apartment and other IoT solutions.


Support multi-protocol switch over and save PCB space

Dusun DSI-0134 gateway supports LTE-M(emtc), Wi-Fi, Zigbee 3.0,Bluetooth,Z-Wave wireless protocols, the gateway adopts Silicon Labs Zigbee chips distributed by sekorm which support ZigBee,Thread,BLE,Sub-GHz wireless protocols and  protocol switching, allowing PCB space reduced.

Best-in-class RF with +20 dBm output power enables long-distance transmission

Zhejiang Dusun DSI-0134 smart gateways has the following features:

  • Wi-Fi signal range: at least 60m in an outdoor setting and at least 20m in an indoor setting

  • ZigBee Signal range: greater than 100m in outdoor

  • BLE Signal range: greater than 30m in outdoor

The maximum adjustable transmission power of wireless signal of Silicon Labs ZigBee chip is + 20dBm, which has great advantages compared with ZigBee chips which has maximum transmission power of + 8dBm in the previous market, and let Dusun gateway realize long-distance signal transmission.

Market-proven Zigbee protocol stack and Simplicity Studio shortens development time

Silicon labs’ market proven ZigBee 3.0 protocol stack supports ZigBee 3.0 and Green Power. This feature let Dusun 0134 gateway support most ZigBee devices in the market. Besides, Silicon Labs’ Simplicity Studio simplifies the IoT development process with one-click access to everything developers need to complete their projects using an integrated development environment (IDE). Simplicity Studio provides built-in intelligence to automatically detect the connected 8-bit or 32-bit MCU or wireless SoC, graphically configure the device, and show supported configuration options to help developers get their projects underway in minutes.

 The Dusun DSI-0134 smart gateway which adopts Silicon Labs Zigbee Chips distributed by Sekorm benefits from the high performance, high code density, power efficiency and very low power consumption of the chip.Thus, it has better and safer performance in the challenging wireless environment, and also brings great convenience for energy saving.

Sekorm is Silicon Labs' official authorized first-level distributor and sells all its products. Sekorm is dedicated to hardware research and development services, providing application solutions, Demo support and technical services for ZigBee chips such as Silicon Labs EFR32MG in the Internet of Things.

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