What is IoT Open Source Gateway and Why Use It?

As the world of IoT expands, business owners and managers find themselves in a challenging position where they need to decide which out of a multitude of modern devices and protocols to integrate with their existing system. What makes these kinds of decisions even more challenging is the fact that these devices, not to mention IoT open source gateways have varying connectivity and power requirements, further making integration with legacy technologies difficult, to say the least. IoT gateway open source is emerging as a critical component when it comes to building and securing a robust and reliable IoT system in order to deliver greater computational power, especially in edge computing environments and scenarios.

An IoT gateway open source is a type of solution that enables device to device and/or device to cloud IoT communications. A gateway comes in the form of a hardware device, which houses an IoT gateway open source system or application software, which tells the device how to perform essential tasks. Essentially, these devices facilitate communication and connection between various IoT data sources as well as the data’s destinations.

A simple way to understand how an IoT gateway works is to think about an office or home network gateway or router. Such a device facilitates communication between all your different devices and/or your network provider, all the while maintaining security and providing administrative interface where users can perform and facilitate basic functions. Apart from a conduit for connectivity, an IoT gateway can do so much more, ranging from data filtering and visualization to even more complex analytics. Other functions of an IoT gateway include live data hosting, device configuration and management, system diagnostics, data aggregation, as well as data pre-processing, filtering, cleansing, and optimization. Smart devices such as these are giving power to today’s IoT expansion, opening up even greater opportunities to maximize the use of the Internet of Things in various home and business situations.

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