Z-Wave Open Source Hub for IoT Solution Providers

The Opportunity for IoT Solution Providers is Getting Enormously

Along with the development of the IoT(the Internet of Things) sectors, the opportunity for connected devices are getting enormously. Based on the connection of IoT devices, IoT solutions have made a far-reaching influence in rental apartment, agriculture, construction, retail, electronics, health care, and other applications. Even revolutionize the way people live & companies work.

The Role of Z-wave Gateway Plays in IoT Field

Known as a communication protocol, Z-Wave wireless technology is widely applied in home automation. As the basis of the successful ecosystem, the Z-wave hub plays the role of “heart”, that lets customers control all the IoT devices running on the Z-Wave communication protocol through networks. From there consumers can add additional sensors, detectors, locks, schedule configuration, and more. Then makes the remote control and monitoring online from their phones, tablets or other mobile devices possible.

Z-Wave hub make connection with edge devices to the cloud
Z-Wave hub make connection with edge devices to the cloud

Standard Z-Wave Gateway Can’t Meet the Use of Custom IoT Solutions

For various of demands in different application scenarios, Z-Wave hub needs to generate big amount of data and integrate with self-defining IoT platforms. A standard Z-Wave gateway isn’t so flexible that cannot match the demands in different IoT fields. And it’s difficult for developers to make a connection to the IoT platforms by using a standard Z-Wave gateway due to the different protocol stacks. That also makes it hard for communication between a client and a service.

Dusun's Z-Wave IoT hub is open enough for IoT solution providers to do more advanced development
Dusun's Z-Wave IoT hub is open enough for IoT solution providers to do more advanced development

The Progammable Z-wave Hub Make IoT Projects More Flexible

With the Z-Wave open source gateway, more applications on IoT projects can be promoted. That makes it get all of the Z-Wave product to talk to each other and create a integrated system. At the mean time, it allows your devices to connect to the IoT platforms easily. Dusun’s Z-Wave open source gateway based on Linux OpenWrt system which preserves maximum programmable capability of the IoT hub. APIs are designed for use by gateways, making communication from cloud services to the Z-Wave gateways even more flexible.

That’s why open hardware Z-Wave controllers assume an important role in the progress of IoT development before you make your applications fall to the ground. They make your development more efficiently but for the function of transmission, routing, and processing. The processed data is then pushed to the cloud for further processing and finally used by various applications in IoT sector. Dusun’s programmable Z-Wave gateway allows developers do more advanced developments within unitive and standard opening interface.

Open source Z-Wave gateway is leading to a ecosystem where platforms can easily be accessed to, allowing IoT solution providers and platform service providers to successfully match any Z-Wave gateway from any IoT platform. A Z-Wave gateway is open enough to connect to the platforms would be a popular trend of future custom gateway market.

You can click here for more detailed information of Dusun’s Z-Wave open source gateways.

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