DSBC-120 Bluetooth LE Card Beacon

Table of Contents
Model List
DSBC 120
ModeBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.2BeaconNFCLong RangeAccelero meterStatus
DSBC-120-1iBeacon(1)On going
DSBC-120-3iBeacon(1)On going

Remark: (1) Can be designed as a standard iBeacon, Eddystone protocol, can also meet the needs of broadcast package customization

1.BLE Beacon Card Introduction

1.1 Purpose& Description

DSBC-120 is a portable Bluetooth beacon card developed by Dusun IoT. Suitable for indoor positioning, asset positioning, scenic navigation, patrol check-in, advertising push, asset management, project tracking, and other scene applications.

This BLE beacon card is developed based on the NORDIC’s NRF52820 chip and has the built-in Bluetooth 5.0 and above protocol, with  excellent function of ultra-low power consumption. It has a red LED light and switch.

1.2 Application
  • Person position
  • Archives
  • Experimental (test) rooms
  • Workshop
  • Museums
  • Work card

2. BLE Beacon Card Appearance

DSBC 120 1

3. BLE Beacon Card Block Diagram

card bluetooth beacon

4. BLE Beacon Card Specifications

4.1 RF performance
ProtocolBuilt-in PAPerformance
BluetoothWithout PA●Main IC: nRF52820
●Transmission frequency: 2.400 - 2.4835GHz
●TX power: 4dBm,adjustable
●Communication rate:
125kbps (Longrange)
1Mbps (not Longrange)
●RX sensitivity: -103 dBm
●Transmission distance(open area):
100~200 meters(Longrange)
50~100 meters(not Longrange)
4.2 Sensor performance
Sensor typeSensor ICPerformance
Motion SensorKXTJ3-1058(3AXIS)●Accelerometer range : ±2g、±4g、±8g、±16g adjustable
4.3 Electronic performance
Electronic●Working voltage: 2.2~3.6VDC
●Average power consumption:<50uA (2S interval) (beacon)
●Average power consumption:<100uA (2S interval) (long range)
●Average power consumption:<200uA (Active) (AOA)
●Built-in battery : CP224147 ,800mAh
●Battery life: 2 YEARS (Depends on the mode of operation)
●RTC: Not support
4.4 Basis performance
Basis●Operation temperature: -30~65°C
●Outline size: 84 mm×54mm x 4.8mm
●Net weight:~20g
●IP protection: IP67
●LED: 1 red LED for state
●Button: 1 button for power on/power off

5. BLE Beacon Card Caution

  1. Being close to a metal object will interfere with the signal, causing the signal to be weakened.
  2. Note the distance between DSBC-120 and the receiver to guarantee the accuracy of receiving.
  1. Keep away from corrosive objects.

6. BLE Beacon Card Reference Usage

6.1 Using with BLE Gateways

1)BLE Beacon/sensor broadcast the data.

2)Bluetooth Gateway gets the data from the beacon and sends the information to Cloud via Wi-Fi or LTE once per second.

DSBC 120 2
6.2 Using with Mobile Phones

1) The device will always want to send a broadcast packet nearby at a certain frequency.

2) A mobile phone with Bluetooth enabled can receive the beacon information and parse the data through the APP

DSBC 120 3

7. BLE Beacon Card Development

7.1 Android / iOS SDK

The mobile phone can read and parse beacon data and set parameters through APP

iBeaconEddystoneBeacon sensor
Broadcast Packets Read●MAC address
●MAC address
●Manufacture ID
●MAC address
●Transmit Power
●Advertise Interval
●User service data
●MAC address
● Sensor data
●Transmit Power
Set Parameter●UUID
●Manufacture ID
●Device Name
● Transmit Power
● Advertise Interval
●Device Name
●Transmit Power
●Advertise Interval
●Device Name
●Transmit Power
●Advertise Interval
●Sensor setting: temperature, humidity air pressure, motion
●immediately transmit, sample interval ( just for T&H sensor)
7.2 BLE Gateway Configiration

Bluetooth gateways can read and parse the broadcast packet data of the Beacon, and set the parameters of the beacon in the connection state. The setting content is the same as the Android/IOS SDK.

7.3 AOA

The product will running for BLE AoA protocol, the key parameters as below:

  • Mode: Connectionless Mode,PHY in 1M PHY,
  • Interval :100ms,
  • UUID16=0x184A。
  • CTE_LEN = 160uS,
  • CTE_COUNT = 1

Otherwise, the BLE beacon card has a built-in accelerometer for active logic. After the Buetooth beacon card is left for more than 10min, the product enters sleep mode and will be awakened when motion is detected again.

8. BLE Beacon Card Certification

NOCertification TitleAbstract
01CEHealthy, Safety, EMC, Radio
02FCCFrequency Range 2402.0-2480.0
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