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DSGW-021-6 Bluetooth roaming gateway

Table of Contents

Product Name: Bluetooth roaming gateway

Model Name: DSGW-021-6

1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose& Description

DSGW-021-6 is a bluetooth gateway based on DSGW-021, it support the roaming function of bluetooth. BLEbeacon can be switched between gateways. It can copy the complete link information of bluetooth to ensurethat the data can be continuously upload to the cloud when beacon moves between the gateways. It is mainlyused in continuous vital signs monitoring.

1.2 Product Feature Summary
  • Covering 200~300 meters in open environment
  • Support Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 4G three data backhaul methods
  • Up to 16 devices can be connected simultaneously
  • Automatically match the appropriate gateway
  • Low latency switching gateway
  • Full replication of link information to ensure continuous and stable data

2. Mechanical Requirement

2.1 Drawings
DSGW 020 1

3. Block diagram

021 6 1

When people move in different areas, the Bluetooth device will automatically switch to the nearby Bluetooth gateway.

4. How To Use

021 6 2

1. Build your MQTT broker in your cloud.
2. Add whitelist to Bluetooth roaming network
3. Copy the bluetooth link information to gateways.

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