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Dusun’s Edge Computing Gateway - Supports Advanced Application Development for IoT Solution Providers


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Optimal Edge Computing IoT Gateway

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Connection & Management of Sensor/Terminals

The edge computing IoT hub can access more than 100 smart devices, sensors, detectors. Including environmental and comfort sensors like temperature & humidity sensor, thermostat, security control sensors like door/window sensor, motion sensor, siren & smart lock, smart remote controllers like in-wall switch, smart plug, socket, and etc.

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Edge Computing Analysis & Data Processing

Dusun puts more emphasis on improving the computing power of the IoT gateways based on the edge computing architecture.

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Integrated to Clouds & Third-party Platforms

SDKs and APIs are provided which can be used to let customers make their programs to control the data processing and transfer procedure. That also makes it easier to connect to your own clouds, and integrate into third-party platforms like Tuya, HomeKit, Ayla Networks.

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Edge Computing Gateways

Edge computing capabilities

It brings computer data storage closer to the location where it is needed and allows IoT deployments to be enhanced through data processing closer to the end device.

Easy for building IoT applications

Our IoT hub with embedded technology runs on the Linux OpenWrt system. You can install & run multiple IoT applications using our open source edge computing gateway.

Complete Security Protection

The security fortification mechanism of the hub

It ensures that developers can deploy IoT applications quickly with security risks controlled.

  • encryption technology to protect data transmission
  • user authorization mechanisms to ensure secure device access

Counter communication & physical attacks

The gateways support common encryption algorithms, hash algorithms, authentication ways. When communicating with cloud servers, transport layer security(TLS) is supported.

High Compatibility

Support multiple protocols

Popular protocols are supported to let the edge devices connect to the cloud through networks.2G/EDGE/GPRS, 3G/HSPA/HSPA+, BeiDou (GNSS), Bluetooth, Dual-Band Wi-Fi (2.4 / 5 GHz), Ethernet, Galileo (GNSS),GLONASS (GNSS), GPS (GNSS), LoRa, LTE, LTE-M satisfy most of the connective demands.

Cloud integration applications

Because of our edge computing gateways’ programmable attribute, it’s easier for developers to process their applications & custom development. The hubs uplink to cloud platforms and downlink to smart sensors. That shortens the time of IoT projects.

Manageability & Extensibility

API Support

APIs are provided for integration with your workflows. That makes it easy to manage and monitor your edge devices online from anywhere.

Dusun’s edge computing hubs provide full-process industry/business services and support for innovative operation

Intelligent Application Use Cases

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Home Automation
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Smart Office
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Energy Saving
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Elder Care

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