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IoT Home/Building Automation Kit(AWS)

Cloud Service: AWS IoT
Device Type:1 X Gateway, 1 X PIR Motion Sensor, 1 X Door Sensor, 1 X Smart Plug
Industry: Home Automation,Building Automation

The Dusun IoT Home/Building Automation Kit comes with Dusun’s Smart Gateway DSGW-030 to send data from end devices to the AWS IoT Platform, DSI-0012 PIR Motion Sensor, DSI-0011 Door Sensor, and DSP-061 Smart Plug that enables customers to quickly deploy smart IoT devices and gain insight into what is happing in your buildings.

IoT Home/Building Automation Kit utilizes AWS IoT services under the hood. Thanks to our Smart Gateway pre-integrated the AWS cloud platforms, and Smart IoT Developers can build a scalable IoT system for connected devices based on the AWS IoT platform and focus on creating solutions delivering value to their businesses. This Kit is ideal for Smar Home Automation and Building Automation.

Cloud Service


Device Type

Starter Kit


asset managementinventory management


Home Automation

Building Automation

Device specifications

Hardware Architecture

Gateway: MTK7688


DDR2 128MB, Flash 16MB

Network Connectivity

Wi-Fi 2.4G, Ethernet,Zigbee 3.0

Mounting / Form Factor


Silicon Vendor

Rockchip, Silicon labs

Operating System



Commercial (-10 to 70°C), Indoor

Devices contain

1 x Gateway, 1 x PIR Motion Sensor,
1 x Door Sensor, 1 x Smart Plug


Gateway:Micro USB 5V/2A


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