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Introduction of hardware solutions for smart apartment

The solution provides renters with a home that integrates with and responds to their lifestyle, and

increase rents, save on energy and collect useful resident population data in return. 


The smart device connects to the smart apartment platform of the customer or a third party through the smart gateway for remote operation and control.


Energy saving


Energy-saving management of the

apartment, through

the meter, socket,

remote and regular

management of the

electrical equipment to prevent waste of electricity.


Apartment security

The security protection of the

apartment, including the alarm for the intrusion of outsiders, and the prevention of water leakage, fire, and other safety accidents.


Apartment passage


The passage management of the

apartment includes

unified authorization of door locks and access control, without keys and cards.


Smart apartment

Intelligent apartment, intelligent control of lights and equipment.

Block diagram of hardware solution for smart apartment

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Smart Apartment Hardware Kit Introduction


Smart Gateway

Support multiple wireless protocols Zigbee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Z-WAVE, with 4G LTE function and spare lithium battery function, open API interface, can be connected to customer private cloud platform and shared platform.

Smart Lock

Lock and unlock your door with an access code. Easily create and send access credentials for friends, family, and guests with keyless entry.

Smart Meter

Remote on/off and reading meter, and electricity safety can be monitored remotely. support pre-charging fees to avoid tenants not paying electricity bills. Smart meters are mainly to reduce costs, improve operational control, and strengthen support for new services.

Smart Plug

Remotely control the power consumption of home appliances, time switches, and metering, and prevent accidents caused by equipment failures.

Smart Smoke

Detect the occurrence of fire and prevent major property losses.

Smart Access Control

Manage the access control of the apartment, through the password, face recognition, NFC card, carry out the access control management, and make remote calls and conversations, and manage the visitors and mobile personnel.

Smart Thermostat

Remotely manage thermostat temperature settings and create schedules to save energy.

Leakage Sensor

Detect water leakage in the kitchen and bathroom, and also detect water leakage in the room due to aging water pipes.

Motion Sensor

Detecting personnel movement, used for apartment security protection, mainly installed in windows and aisles to prevent intrusion of outsiders.

Smart Switch

Remote control lights, with dimming function, you can adjust the lights to save electricity.

Advantages of smart apartment hardware solutions


Standard certification

Smart devices comply with the wireless certification and security certification, FCC, CE, CCC, UL.


Open API interface

The gateway opens

the API interface to

facilitate the docking of various systems and platforms


Zigbee 3.0 protocol

The standard zigbee3.0 protocol makes the connection easier and easier.


luci configuration page

The gateway comes with a standard Luci configuration page,

making it easier to access the cloud

on the device.

Intelligent apartment hardware device API interface

  • All devices have open API interfaces, which can be connected to customers' private and shared platforms.

Equipment name

Device model

Device interface document


Smart access control


Smart door lock




Smart meter


Leak sensor


Smoke detector


PIR sensor


Smart plug


Smart switch


Customer feedback

From the British apartment solution provider John:


Because there are too many smart devices in the apartment, I need to spend a lot of time looking for the equipment, and I cannot guarantee whether the equipment has the standard certification. Dusun provided a complete set of apartment equipment and provided the docking interface of the equipment. That shortened the time of POC to one month, which is really great.

Mr. Li, CTO of a large-scale apartment brand in China:


We used to apply the cloud-to-cloud connection method in our apartment, but the equipment service provider closed down due to business problems, and the cloud platform ceased service as a result, and our apartment system could not operate normally. At present, Dusun provides a way for equipment to directly connect to our apartment system, allowing us to directly purchase hardware, avoiding the risk of system crashes caused by third-party problems in our apartment system services. The most important thing is that Dusun provides a standard device docking API to control the system docking time within 1 month, which saves us a lot of costs and time.