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Introduction To IoT Industry

Hardware Solutions

The IoT gateway acts as a bridge between IoT devices and the Internet, converting wireless multi-protocols like Zigbee, BLE, SIG mesh, Z-WAVE, and LoRa into Wi-Fi or cellular networks. The IoT gateway also supports programming, secondary development, and open SDK, allowing users to develop their own gateway applications, and open APIs, allowing customers to connect to private cloud platforms and shared cloud platforms.

IoT Gateway Value


Support Secondary Development

Support secondary development and open SDK, allowing customers to write their own gateway applications based on our gateway.

Multiple Wireless Certifications

Multiple wireless certifications, including FCC, IC, CE, SRRC, KC, PTCRB, Zigbee, Z-WAVE plus, BQB, RoHS.


Gateway Supports Multiple Protocols

Multi-protocol, the gateway supports Celluar LTE, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, BLE, Z-WAVE, Sub-G, LoRa, and other protocols. You can connect to the network via Wi-Fi LTE, Zigbee, BLE, and Z-WAVE to connect devices.


OTA Function

OTA function, support remote firmware upgrade

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Open API

Open API, support MQTT, HTTP, TCP, UDP, UTP, private cloud platform for simple connection with customers

IoT Gateway Scenario Application

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Smart Building

gateway_1 (2).png

Smart Apartment

gateway_1 (3).png

Elderly Care

gateway_1 (4).png

Indoor Positioning

gateway_1 (5).png

Smart Agriculture

gateway_1 (6).png

Industrial Automation

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Cold Chain Tracking

IoT Gateway Products


Dusun Eecosystem

The wireless module accelerates the improvement of the gateway ecology, accelerates global deployment, and accelerates the global deployment of wireless development, and each ecological product accelerates the Internet of Things.