IoT Hardware Kit Solution

Focus on providing hardware kits for IoT solution providers


The IoT ecosystem is growing at a significant rate. This growth can be attributed to the increasing incorporation of IoT in various end-use applications such as consumer and industrial. Current IoT applications include healthcare, automotive and transportation services, building automation, manufacturing, retail, BFSI, oil and gas, agriculture, and aerospace and defense.

We help IoT solution providers solve device online requirement, and provide turnkey industry ardware kits to help industry solution providers quickly land. IoT hardware solutions include smart buildings, smart healthcare, smart apartments, smart elderly care, indoor positioning, cold chain tracking, smart agriculture, and industrial automation.

Block Diagram of the Solution

Service model

Help customers connect with

smart hardware that has been online

Provide customers with smart hardware kit


Gateway/Hardware kits


Provide SDK for secondary development


Help customers connect with their cloud platform

Quick docking platform based on MQTT API

The IoT solutions provided include: smart buildings, smart apartments, smart elderly care, indoor positioning, cold chain tracking, smart agriculture, industrial automation

Quickly configure the docking platform based on the gateway luci

Support multi-protocol LET/Wi-Fi/zigbee/Z-wave/BLE

Support OTA

Home Assisant/domticz Support multiple systems, Homeassistant/domoticz



  • Provide SDK for secondary development

  • Quick docking platform based on MQTT API

  • Quickly configure the docking platform based on the gateway luci

  • Support multi-protocol LTE/Wi-Fi/Zigbee/Z-wave/BLE

  • Support OTA

  • Support multiple systems, Home assistant/domoticz


Private/shared device cloud platform





Door sensor

Motion sensor

Smoke sensor

Smart plug

Smart lock

T&H sensor



Help customers dock

new terminal equipment for free

Help customers connect to

the platform for free

Help customers quickly dock a

complete set of an IoT solution

Help customers

purchase all the equipment

Ensure that the product complies with relevant wireless


Smart Apartment Solution (Hardware)

The smart apartment solution is mainly to manage access to the passage, indoor safety, and energy management so that tenants

no longer need to hand over keys, making tenants safer, and allowing tenants to more easily collect utility bills. 


The equipment includes:

smart door lock, smart access control, door sensor, PIR, liquid leakage, smoke detector, carbon monoxide, water meter.

Smart Healthcare Solution (Hardware)

Use the most advanced Internet of Things technology to realize the interaction between patients and medical staff, medical institutions,

and medical equipment, and gradually achieve informatization, not to mention chronic disease management, such as diabetes, hypertension, etc.

We provide smart gateways, blood glucose meters,

blood pressure meters, blood oximeters, body fat scales, wearable watches, smart medicine boxes, fall detectors, and other smart health equipment. The device connects to the customer

s health platform through the gateway, which can monitor the patients' health data in real-time and

analyze it in real-time.

Smart Pension Solution (Hardware)

Smart elderly care hardware solutions enable the elderly to live independently at home for longer periods of time. It can detect the life trajectory of the elderly and can also protect the safety of the elderly.

The system uses inconspicuous wireless sensors located in the home to learn the daily behavior patterns of the elderly and detect behavioral changes that may cause concern. Then, it reminds family members and caregivers through messages.

BLE Positioning Solution (Hardware)

Bluetooth provides low-cost, energy-efficient, and

easy-to-deploy indoor positioning and tracking technology. This helps to easily locate or track objects and people, find routes and other important information in buildings and facilities (

such as airports, shopping centers, etc.)

Generally, location information may bring other opportunities. For example, location service technology can be integrated with IoT, analytics, and other technologies to trigger specific actions based on the location of the user or object.