Waterproof Sensor Beacon with PA

Beacon with Blue low energy(BLE) technology.

Waterproof Sensor Beacon with PA 

Product Specification

Product Name: Temperature Humidity Sensor

Model Name: DSR-0820

1. Introduction

1.1 Description


DSR-0820 is Low Energy temperature and humidity data logger, It can collect temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment. Such data can be recorded as history data. Its characteristics are small-sized, low-weighted, easily portable and highly accurate for wide use in cold chain logistics, archives, labs, museums, etc.

At present, there are three different types of temperature and humidity sensors, DSR-0820-1 is a high performance product based on Bluetooth protocol,DSR-0820-2 is based on Zigbee protocol ,and DSR-0820-3 is a standard performance product based on Bluetooth protocol. DSR-0820-1 with the Bluetooth v5.0 technology and Nordic NRF52832 chip. Built-in wireless transceiver PA chip, the maximum transmission power up to 20dBm, to achieve ultra-long distance stable transmission of data, can store up to 12000 pieces of the temperature and humidity data.


DSR-0820-2 with the Zigbee 3.0 technology and Silconlab EFR32 series chip. the maximum transmission power up to 17.5dBm, to achieve ultra-long distance stable transmission of data. It can store up to 12000 pieces of the temperature and humidity data. 


DSR-0820-3 with the Bluetooth v5.0 technology and Nordic NRF52810 chip. the maximum transmission power up to 4dBm, Suitable for use at close range.



Bluetooth 5.0











Humidity detect

1.2 Application

  • Refrigerated storage and transportation;

  • Archives;

  • Experimental (test) rooms;

  • Workshop;

  • Museums;

  • Pharmaceutical environment;

  • Fresh transport.

1.3 Product feature

  • High accuracy and stability;

  • Ultra long distance(300m) wireless transfer (except DSR-0820-3);

  • Built-in highly sensitive temperature and humidity sensor SHT20 (Sensirion);

  • Real-time display temperature and humidity;

  • It can store 12000 pieces of temperature and humidity data (except DSR-0820-3);

  • You can set the alarm temperature range;

  • Can be set normal storage temperature and humidity data interval and alarm storage temperature and humidity data interval;

  • Can by OTA update version.

2. Appearance


Designed to meet indoor wireless industrial-grade coverage,

The XD-8600A uses the MTK7620A and can easily handle a wide range of applications at 580MHz.

3. Product specification


DSR-0820-1 Bluetooth with PA


DSR-0820-2 Zigbee

DSR-0820-3 Bluetooth without PA

Signal transmission frequency

2.400 - 2.4835GHz

2.405GHz - 2.480GHz

2.400 - 2.4835GHz

Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0

Zigbee 3.0

Protocol standard

Send interval

2S, adjustable

Built in battery

Panasonic CR123A ,1400mAh /3V

CR2450 550mAh

Output power

20dBm, adjustable



Communication rate




Transmission distance

~300 meters, adjustable

~50 meters, adjustable


Can be save 12000 temperature and humidity data

Not support

Battery life

~3 years(Depends on the mode of operation)

~1 year

Net weight

130 g

Outline size

70mm*40mm*40mm (main body)

Detect temperature range

-40℃~ +125℃

Operating temperature range

-25℃~ +60℃

Humidity detection range


Temperature detection accuracy


Humidity detection accuracy


IP protection

IP 68

4. Caution

1) Being close to a metal object will interfere with the signal, causing the signal to be weaken.

2) Note the distance between DSR-0820 and the receiver to guarantee the accuracy of receiving.

3) Keep away from the corrosive objects.


5. Reference usage


Gateway usage

1) Temperature & humidity sensor paired to the Bluetooth gateway.

2) Bluetooth Gateway get the data from the sensor and send the information to Cloud via Wi-Fi or LTE once per second.


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