Wireless Module Solutions

Dusun's Wi-Fi and Zigbee modules enable secure, reliable connectivity in smart buildings, smart homes, household applications, baby monitor and health care. They are embedded with protocol functions that enabling users to customize their products by using these software examples.

Wi-Fi Module

DSM-010 is a low power consumption module with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity solution. The Wi-Fi Module consist a highly integrated wireless radio chip ESP8285 which has been programed with Wi-Fi network protocol and plenty of software examples.

Zigbee Module

The DSM-020 is a low-power, embedded Zigbee module. The module consists of a EFR32MG13P732

highly integrated wireless RF processor chip and a small number of peripheral devices. It has a built-in 802.15.4 PHY/MAC Zigbee network protocol and a large number of library functions.