Dusun’s Z Wave Home Automation Hub


Dusun's smart Z-Wave hub/gateway is an IoT communication hardware based on Linux OpenWrt that can connect all of your smart home z-wave devices and make them "talk" with each other for more specific decisions. The home automation Z-wave hub is designed to act as a "bridge" between Z-wave devices and platforms for building your smart home system.

Z-Wave Smart Home Hub

Based on Linux OpenWrt system, the Z-Wave controller can be more flexible for your developments in home automation. This Z-Wave hub provides a standard Ethernet interface for network communication. Powered by Z-Wave protocol,  developers can easily integrate the Z-Wave smart home gateway with the Z-Wave devices for their extension developments.  Tuya, Ayla Network, and other third platforms are supported for edge devices management.

Integrated to Third-party Platforms

Third-party platforms like Tuya, HomeKit, Ayla Networks, and Alibaba IoT are supported. Developers can integrate to these platforms immediately without extra development.

Programmable for Secondary Development

The Z-Wave IoT hub is programmable for your IoT solutions. SDKs and APIs are provided which can be used to let customers make their Z-Wave devices connect to the clouds. The home automation hub is designed to provide the best experience with Z-wave devices. Because of the programmable compatibility of the IoT hub, it allows developers to integrate various of popular Z-Wave products.

​Remote Firmware Updates 

The edge home hub supports firmware updates remotely. This allows the device to have the latest features and fix any issues without service interruptions.

Connection & Management of Sensor/Terminals

The Z-Wave hub can access more than 200 smart devices, sensors, detectors. Including environmental and comfort sensors like temperature & humidity sensor, thermostat, security control sensors like door/window sensor, motion sensor, siren & smart lock, smart remote controllers like in-wall switch, smart plug, socket, and etc.

Meet many different demands depending on the accessories you add to it

Home Security

The Z-Wave hub can integrate smart door locks, PIR motion sensors, and sirens to build a home security system. Or you can keep Z-wave hub communicates with door/window sensor, water leakage sensor to monitor remotely in avoid of potential threats in your home.

Energy Saving

IoT solution provider or developers can create an energy-saving system with our Z-Wave hub, connected with smart plugs and thermostats.

Monitor & Remote Control

The data generates by the smart Z-Wave products (sensors and detectors) will be delivered to the clouds and used by the smart application with the Z-Wave smart home hub. Integrated with cameras, doorbells, smart bulbs, and other Z-wave devices, homeowners can monitor the data from a variety of devices through one single App, and make their specific home experience.

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