An Introduction of ZIROOM Smart Home Solution


ZIROOM is a rental services company provides home rental and property management services. ZIROOM rents rooms deployed smart room systems which include many cool features such as smart lock, smart electricity meters and water meters, etc.

Partner Description

ZIROOM, founded on October 18, 2011, is China’s top O2O long-term rental company, offering products and services through its app, WeChat, and website to more than 3 million tenants in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Tianjin, and Wuhan. ZIROOM currently manages 500,000 rooms and serves 1.2 million tenants, according to its website. Unlike some platforms and services, all of the apartments available on ZIROOM are verified as genuine and are fully furnished and renovated before going up for rental, including smart room systems. Smart room systems make their room rental management save more money and be very convenient.

Smart Room Solution Description

ZIROOM has continued to innovate and strive for excellence. They built their own smart room systems which adopts smart door locks, facial recognition to set industrial benchmarks. The smart room services bring comfort and convenience to customers and save management costs for ZIROOM. The rapid developing internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) have great potential to help building owners, operators, and occupants manage and dwell in buildings with greater efficiency—saving costs and energy and organizing space in a way that best fits a company’s culture and goals.A complete ZIROOM smart room solution (Zhome) involves many different kinds of sensors and devices. For examples, it uses sensors for temperature, moisture, and sunlight and devices such as intelligent lock, people counter, etc. All of the different sensors and devices can use varying network connectivity types. Then the sensor/device data is aggregated and pre-processed by IoT gateways. The processed data is translated into a standard protocol such as MQTT to be sent to the cloud though internet connections. The data is finally used by ZIROOM apps or WeChat or websites. Figure1 shows the simplified ZIROOM smart room system.
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Figure 1 ZIROOM smart room solution

Dusun Products Used

Dusun IoT edge computing gateway powered by Zigbee3.0

  • Support most connectivity types. Dusun’s gateways can connect LPWAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth(BLE), and Zigbee, NB-IoT devices.
    Support most connectivity IoT protocols. Dusun’s gateways support most standard internet connectivity protocols including COAP, MQQT, LMW2M, etc.
  • Management capability. Dusun gateways have the ability to provision, update and control access of connected devices.
  • Security measures. Dusun’s IoT gateways take many known measures to counter communication and physical attacks. They support common encryption algorithms, hash algorithms, authentication ways.
  • Edge computing power. The Dusun gateways have edge computing capability.

Dusun IoT smart locks powered by Zigbee3.0

  • Support many unlock methods. Dusun’s locks are intelligent and supportive of many unlock methods including facial recognition, passwords, RF card, fingerprint identification, etc.
  • Low power. The locks can be used up to 2 years with 4 dry batteries.
  • Stability. The locks can work without the system crashing for at least 1 year.

ZIROOM Products

Focusing on products, services, and O2O, ZIROOM has built a professional and institutionalized asset management platform domestically and established an O2O youth residential community that has begun to take shape. ZIROOM’s product portfolio covers every aspect of the rental and residential market, including ZR Friendly Home, ZIROOM Full Rental, ZR Direct-Rent-by-Owner,ZR Mansion, ZR Apartment, ZR Hostel, and Z-SPACE, as well as over 12 million orders of services involving housekeeping, professional maintenance and moving. ZIROOM will publish its Zhome smart room solution in which you can control the smart devices and smart sensors in the smart room by its Zhome App. The smart home solution will be used gradually in their rental rooms.
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Figure 2 ZIROOM’s Zhome Smart home solution

Why Dusun Products

IoT gateways sit at the intersection of IoT systems -connected devices, controllers and sensors – and the cloud. It plays a key role in the smart home system. Dusun’s IoT gateways has the following advantages:

  1. Great Zigbee 3.0 performance. A ZigBee 3.0 certification scheme ensures the interoperability of products from different manufacturers. Dusun’s ZigBee 3.0 Gateways run very stable and have great performance.
  2. Great Scalability and flexibility. Dusun smart gateways are programmable which means they support extended or secondary development. Dusun provides SDKs and APIs which can be used to let customers make their programs to control the data transfer procedure and use their security mechanism. The programmable ability lets ZIROOM embed Dusun’s gateway easily. Dusun provides chip-level technical support for their application.
  3. High quality. Dusun has great design team and product manufacturing team. Dusun designs and manufactures the gateways with high quality all by their own.

Dusun has developed IoT smart locks for over 6 years. The locks for ZIROOM support the following features matching ZiROOM needs:

  1. Good performance and Support ZigBee 3.0. The locks show good performance and use ZigBee 3.0 technique to suit for ZIROOM’s needs.
  2. Cost-effective and high quality. Dusun can design and manufacture the locks with high quality all by their own which lowers the locks’ prices.


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