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Dusun Modbus Gateways offer secure and easy access to data from RTUs, PLCs, and industrial machines via the Modbus data protocol.

Dusun Modbus IoT Gateway supports both Master and Slave Modbus Serial (RTU and ASCII) and Client and Server Modbus TCP/IP protocols. Additionally, Dusun IoT provides training videos and an FAE team to help with the deployment of Industrial IoT solutions and projects.


Edge Computing Modbus Gateways for Selection

Modbus gateways are used to connect non-Modbus devices to a Modbus network, which translate serial devices into TCP packets that can communicate using the Modbus TCP protocol.

RAM: 128MB
Flash: 32 MB nor Flash
Power: DC 12/24V
Ethernet: 1 * WAN, 2 * LAN (10 / 100 Mbps)
Industry Protocol: Modbus, BACnet, DMX512, BNP3, Wi-Fi2.4G, Ethernet, and 4G LTE Cat4
Interface: RS485, RJ45,1 * USB2.0, Slot for SIM Card
Installation: Flat, Ceiling, DIN

CPU: i.MX6ull
RAM: 512 MB
OS: Debian
Flash: 8GB eMMC
Power: DC 12V
Ethernet: 1*10/100Mbps WAN/LAN port
Industry Protocol: Ethernet/IP; Modbus; KNX; Can Bus
Interface: RS485, RJ45, I/O, Slot for SIM Card and SD Card
Installation: DIN-Rail, Flat, Ceiling

CPU: i.MX8M Mini
OS: Yocto
Flash: 8GB eMMC
Power: DC 12~24V
Ethernet: 1*100/1000Mbps WAN/LAN port
Interface: RS232, RS485, RS422, 2*CAN, I/O, USB2.0, SIM card & SD card slot
Installation: DIN-rail, Wall, Mounting, Magnet

CPU: RK3588
OS: OpenWrt
Flash: 128GB eMMC
Power: DC 12V and POE
Ethernet: 1*RJ45 port
Industry Protocol: BACnet; Profinet; Ethernet/IP; Modbus; OPC/UA
Interface: RS485, RS232, RJ45, I/O, SD Card Slot,  HDMI, 2*USB3.0
Installation: DIN-rail, wall mounting

Dusun Modbus Gateway Advantages

Unlock the Full Potential of Industrial Automation System with Powerful Modbus Gateway Hardware
Cost-efficient Modular Design

Modular design faciliates optimal configuration for a wide spectrum of IoT projects

Multiple OS Support

Supporting all major OS including, Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, OpenWRT, and Android

Reliable Sercurity

Trust Zone, Tamper Detection,
Hardware security via ATECC608

dsgw 081 new 1
Extensible Wireless Connectivity

Multiple wireless protocals including: Zigbee 3.0, Z-Wave, BLE 5.2, Wi-Fi 2.4/5G,and Matter, Thread

Robust Performance

NXP i.MX6ULL, i.MX8M Mini, RK3588
RAM: up to 8GB   eMMC: up to 128GB

Rich Interfaces

Ethernet, RS485/232, CAN, I/O and more

1v1 ODM Services to Address All Complex Requests

odm custom design
Custom Design (RF Antenna/ PCB/ Structure/ Software)
odm fae
Technical FAE Support
odm ipd
IPD Project Management
odm prototype
Prototype Manufacturing
odm design
Manufacturing Procedure Design and Optimization
odm testing
Testing Use Case Design and Scene Building
odm supply
Supply Chain Management

How Does Modbus Gateway Works

Modbus Serial To Ethernet Converter

1. Dusun’s Modbus Gateway Device supports conversion between Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, and Modbus ASCII for all compatible hardware interfaces. The Modbus protocol is ideal for industrial automation systems that rely on SCADA or HMI technology.
2. Thanks to Dusun IoT Modbus Gateway, you can upgrade your network integration from SNMP to an automated Modbus TCP network, enabling interconnection over longer distances via Ethernet and resulting in a more flexible network infrastructure.

A Conversion Modbus MQTT Bridge for BMS and IAS

1. Supports MQTT
2. Pre-Built 3 rd Platform ( such as Thingsboard)

serial to ethernet converter 3
multiple communication options 1

Broaden Your Modbus Gateway Connectivity with Multiple Communication Options

A wide range of Modbus RTU variants and hardware connector types are available at the moment. The Dusun Modbus Gateway supports the following connection types, enabling you to maximize your connectivity options with Modbus slave devices.

Modbus Gateway Compatibility with All Industrial Field Devices for Seamless Connectivity

The Dusun Modbus Gateway enables connection to third-party
Modbus devices, regardless of vendor. It supports multiple Modbus variants, facilitating integration of both legacy and modern Modbus data sources into the SCADA or HMI System.

Industrial Modbus Secure Remote Access Control

Dusun Modbus Gateway provides true data security down to the Modbus device. Once installed and connected to Field devices, Modbus IoT Gateway can encrypt data as it is sent over the network. This ensures that only valid and authorised users can connect to and access data from critical assets.
Dusun Modbus facilitates the transformation of Modbus RTU/ASCII devices into IP-based facilities, allowing them to connect to a Modbus TCP/IP network using its R232/422/485 serial interface and RJ45 Ethernet port. Additionally, it offers a remote web management and telnet interface for streamlined remote network management.

Industrial Modbus Secure Remote Access Control

Easy Gateway Setup via Web-Based GUI

A graphical user interface allows easy communication with ModBus RTU and TCP slaves. Additionally, it also supports monitoring and examining all traffic on the bus.

web based 1
multiple protocol support

Multiple Protocol Support on Modbus Gateway

In addition to Modbus protocol, it also supports other communication protocols commonly used in various IoT devices, including Zigbee, BLE5.2, Cat4, Wi-Fi2.4/5G, Z-Wave, and LoRa.

Why Choose Dusun IoT Modbus Gateway

why select dusun

Full certifications including: FCC, CE, IC, WPC, NTC, KC, RCM, SRRC and more

odm service
ODM Service

  • Support for ODM customization
  • Full hardware service for you to concentrate on application development

indurial grade design
Indurial Grade Design

  • Industrial grade protection, suitable for complex environment
  • Operating Temperature from -40℃ to 85℃

One-stop Development for IoT Gateways, Industrial Motherboards & System on Modules. Turn IoT Device Development Process into Success.

Modbus IoT Gateway Use Cases

Automation with Dusun Modbus Gateway

Incorporate Industrial Ethernet and IIOT functionalities into your equipment and gadgets, facilitating the interconnection of diverse networks and linking serial devices. Enable wireless access to your machines.

Automotive Industry

Facilitate the connection of various networks and protocol standards utilized in the automotive industry. Connect your device data with IoT platforms.

The Dusun Modbus Gateway can seamlessly integrate with commonly used communication standards in the automotive industry, including PROFINET, CAN, J1939, and others.

Building Automation & HVAC Systems

Connecting industrial devices to building networks such as M-Bus, BACnet/IP, and KNX using embedded, gateway, and wireless systems.

Modern structures use various instruments to gather physical values, such as cooling, heating, water, and energy. These devices typically interact via Modbus. A sensor can be readily reached by central system controllers using Modbus-TCP using the Dusun Modbus Gateway.

Ready to Start?
quick start
SDK Quick Start​

Provide convenient and fast debugging tools, SDK, data download service​

cloud integration
Cloud Integration​

Serve to streamless connection with both public & private cloud platforms

user manual
User Manul​

Unlock the full potential of our IoT devices with intuitive user manual.

Modbus Gateway Device FAQs

With Modbus gateways, non-Modbus devices can be connected to a Modbus network or the other way around. Another use for a Modbus gateway is to remap registers so that a new Modbus slave can mimic an older Modbus slave. Translating Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP or vice versa is also a common application of a Modbus gateway. Learn More about What is Modbus gateway in detail.

Using the Modbus TCP protocol, a IoT Modbus gateway converts serial devices into TCP packets for communication. It enables you to connect your smart meters, PLCs, and other devices that use Modbus RTU serial communication to the Modbus TCP protocol, which then enables communication over the ethernet network.

Modbus TCP/IP (also known as Modbus-TCP) consists simply of the Modbus RTU protocol with an Ethernet-based TCP interface. Independent of the data transmission medium, the Modbus messaging structure is the application protocol that establishes the principles for assembling and interpreting the data.

To communicate data between industrial devices, Modbus is a straightforward and frequently used industrial communication protocol. It is simpler to connect devices over longer distances or to connect to devices over a network because Modbus TCP/IP allows Modbus devices to communicate over Ethernet.

Dusun IOT Modbus Gateways support MQTT and Pre-Built 3 rd Platform (such as Thingsboard). You can easily retrieve Modbus data from other devices and make this available to a local visualization or an MQTT cloud service.

The industrial automation and control industry often uses Modbus, a serial communication protocol on the application layer, to send data between electronic equipment. An additional layer called Wireless Modbus makes it possible for Modbus devices to communicate wirelessly.

Modbus comes in two different types: RTU and TCP/IP. These are really just two distinct methods of data transmission. RTU and TCP/IP encapsulate the structured data for the particular transmission techniques, whereas Modbus specifies how the data is formatted for transmission.

RS-232 and RS-485 are the two different serial protocols for Modbus. The concurrent, full-duplex flow of data is supported by Modbus RS-232. Half-duplex Modbus RS-485 uses voltage differences to indicate values.

Modbus messages can be transmitted through Ethernet or TCP/IP as well. These Modbus communications are packed in 16-bit word packets or single bit packets.

Yes. We have LoRa Modbus bridge gateway that allows users to locally collect data on any sensor and centralizes information with a complete system overview displayed in user consoles, or it can also be redirected to the preferred supervision system, such as SCADA.

Customer Case

Dusun DSGW-081 Modbus-TCP gateways provides uninterrupted Internet access and has industrial edge computing capability, which helps a lot for our IoT electricity management solutions. Our customers can pass through the gateway and see the real-time power consumption of appliances on the platform.

Canadian Customer

Canadian customer R***** purchased DSGW-081 in batches for their own cloud platform. The purpose is to design an energy-saving plan to help the C-end customer families who use the application to use electric energy and save electricity bills effectively. According to its actual needs, Dusun customized a set of energy management solutions for the company.

IoT Gateways for Recommendation


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