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Picking the Right Hardware for Your IoT Solutions

As an all in one smart home hub (a combination of router, gateway, PC and TV box), Dusun Pi4 pre-installed with openHAB, is a cost-effecive and high performance choice for smart home IoT solutions.

  • Built in Rockchip RK3568J processor, LPDDR4 8G, up to 128GB eMMC..
  • Running in multiple systems: Linux, Debian, Android, Ubantu etc.
  • Rich interface: WAN/LAN, USB3.0 A*2, USB 3.0 type-c, mipi csi, HDMI, audio.
  • Ultra storage: up to 512GB M.2 SSD, SSD card support.
  • Protocols: Wi-Fi, Z-WAVE, Zigbee3.0, LoRaWAN, GPS, Sig Mesh, Sub-G and Matter
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Dusun Pi Zero

CPU: RK3308 RAM: Up to 512MB Storage: 4GB OS: Linux Protocols: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, ZigBee, Z-wave, LoRa

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Dusun Pi3 Model E

CPU: RK3328 RAM: Up to 2GB Storage: 8GB OS: Linux Protocols: LTE cat1/LTE catM1 BLE 5.0 Matter EnOcean

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Dusun Pi3

CPU: RK3328 RAM: Up to 2GB Storage: 32GB OS: Linux Protocols: LTE cat1 Wi-Fi Z-WAVE Zigbee3.0 Bluetooth 5.2 Matter

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Built-in Wireless Modules with Protocol Add-ons

Built-in wireless modular module, allowing users to mix and match components as needed.
Support multi-protocol including Zigbee, Z-WAVE, Bluetooth, Wifi, Enocean, LTE and Matter.


Direct to Market

Validated and productized gateways, help customers to save time and reduce costs in IoT solution deployment.
Pre-set openHAB system, allows developers to get down to business rapidly and easily without spending extensive time on installation.

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Second Development

Pre-set openHAB system, capable of self-development of software and application.
Users can also develop and supply their add-ons or bindings for the Dusun Pi.

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Complete Certification

Built-in international standard with awarded certifications: CE and FCC, IC, FAC, WPC, KC, NTC, RCM, and SRRC certifications.

ODM Service

Dusun's global supply chain is capable of supporting a large scale of specific requirements regarding private labeling, product customzation, R&D and new design from scratchs.

See What Sets Dusun IoT Apart

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