Multi Protocol Host Gateway

Dusun Pi4 is an RK3568 IoT gateway for developers, similar to Raspberry Pi4 with built-in IoT wireless modules, including Zigbee,z- wave, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE, etc. It adopts Rockchip RK3568 processor, based on ARM Quad-core Cortex-A55 core, 64bit, 2GHz. It can run multiple systems, linux, debian, android etc. Read on for more Dusun Pi4 gateway specifications, features, etc.
Table of Contents
Model List

Category A ( In Stock)

ModelWi-Fi 2.4G/5GBluetooth 5.2Zigbee 3.0Z-WaveTuya-ZigbeeLTE Cat4Sub-G

Category B (Built by Order)

ModelWi-Fi 2.4G/5GBluetooth 5.2Zigbee 3.0Z-WaveTuya-ZigbeeLTE Cat4Sub-G

Category C (Built by Order , MOQ: 500 )

ModelWi-Fi 2.4G/5GBluetooth 5.2Zigbee 3.0Z-WaveTuya-ZigbeeLTE Cat4Sub-G

1. Product Description

1.1. Purpose and Description

Dusun Pi4 DSGW-290 is an IoT gateway featuring multiple protocols and edge computing capabilities(up To 1 TOPS). It ensures reliable connectivity for a broad array of wireless IoT devices. With its modular architecture, the gateway offers the flexibility to customize various features, delivering an off-the-shelf solution tailored to your specific requirements. Available options include Cellular, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, Zigbee, Z-Wave ,Sub-G. Otherwise , DSGW-290 supports rich video and audio interfaces, HMDI output and MIC output/input.Supports user scenarios with screen display.

DSGW 290

1.2 Product Feature Summary

  • Rich interface,highly expansion capacity
  • Support multiple IoT wireless protocol:Zigbee3.0,Bluetooth5.2,Z-Wave,Sub-G
  • Support audio and video interface,with powerful codec capability
  • Built-in independent NPU with 1TOPS computing power, which provides a wealth of application scenarios

2. Product Detail

2.1. Interface and Dimension

Interface and Dimension

2.2. Hardware Block Diagram

Hardware Block Diagram of raspberry pi zigbee gateway alternative
Hardware Block Diagram 3
Hardware Block Diagram 2
Hardware Block Diagram 1

3. Specifications

3.1 Technical Specification

Hardware & System Parameters
CPURK3568 Quad-core ARM Cortex-A55
GPUARM G52 2EE,Support OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0/3.2,OpenCL 2.0,Vulkan 1.1
Video ProcessorSupport 4K VP9 and 4K 10bits H265/H264 video
decoding, up to 60fps 1080P multi-format video
decoding (WMV, MPEG-1/2/4, VP8)
1080P video encoding, support H.264, VP8 format
Video post processor: de-interlacing, denoising,
edge/detail/color optimization
Power ManagementRK808 PMU Power Management Unit
Operating SystemDebian11
TF CardUp to 1TB
Electrical Characteristics
Power SupplyDC 12V (Voltage error ±5%)
Supports PoE (voltage range 44-57V)
Power dissipationStandby power dissipation:0.015W
Typical power dissipation: 2.9W
Maximum power dissipation: 5.6W
Interface Description
Ethernet Interface2x 10/100/1000Mbps WAN/LAN variable port
SIM Slot1 x Micro SIM card slot, support 4G LTE Cat4
TF Slot1 x TF card slot, up to 1TB
USB Port1xUSB3.0, 1xUSB2.0,1x Type-C
Display1 x HDMI 2.0, support 4K@60HZ output and HDCP 1.4/2.2
1 x MIPI-DSI, support dual channel 2560x1600@60fps output
Audio1 x 3.5mm Audio port
PCIe1 x PCIe2.1 interface
DebugDebug serial port × 1 for development and debugging
IndicatorPower Indicator:The green light stays on while the gateway is powered on
Network Indicator:The yellow light stays on when the gateway is connected to
the MQTT server.The yellow breathing light flashes when the connection to the
MQTT server is lost
LTE Indicator:The yellow light slowly flashing when SIM card not inserted or
SIM not available. The yellow light rapidly flashing when dial successfully
Wi-Fi Indicator:The yellow light stays on after the device is connected to the
Internet,otherwise,the yellow flashing light flashes
RestartRestart gateway
Shell MaterialABS
Dimension (W x D x
177.9mm(7") x 100(3.9") x 45(1.8")
Weight590g(20.8 oz)
Operating Humidity10%~90%

3.2 Communication Performance

Wi-Fi Parameters● IEEE wireless LAN standard:IEEE802.11ac;IEEE 802.11a;IEEE802.11n; IEEE802.11g; IEEE 802.11b
● Data Rate:
IEEE 802.11b Standard Mode:1,2,5.5,11Mbps
IEEE 802.11g Standard Mode:6,9,12,18,24,36,48,54 Mbps
IEEE 802.11n: MCS0~MCS7 @ HT20/ 2.4GHz band
MCS0~MCS7 @ HT40/ 2.4GHz band
MCS0~MCS9@ HT40/ 5GHz band
IEEE 802.11ac: MCS0~MCS9 @ VHT80/ 5GHz band
● Sensitivity:
● VHT80 MCS9 : -60dBm@10% PER(MCS9) /5GHz band
● HT40 MCS9 : -63dBm@10% PER(MCS9) /5GHz band
● HT40 MCS7 : -70dBm@10% PER(MCS7) /2.4GHz band
● HT20 MCS7 : -71dBm@10% PER(MCS7) /2.4GHz band
IEEE 802.11ac: 13dBm @HT80 MCS9 /5GHz band
IEEE 802.11ac: 16dBm @HT80 MCS0 /5GHz band
IEEE 802.11n: 14dBm @HT20/40 MCS7 /5GHz band
IEEE 802.11n: 16dBm @HT20/40 MCS0 /5GHz band
IEEE 802.11n: 16dBm @HT20/40 MCS7 /2.4GHz band
IEEE 802.11g: 16dBm @54MHz
IEEE 802.11b: 18dBm @11MHz
● Wireless Security: WPA/WPA2, WEP, TKIP, and AES
● Working mode : Bridge、Gateway、AP Client
● Range: 50 meters minimum, open field
● Transmit Power:17dBm
● Highest Transmission Rate: 300Mbps
● Frequency offset: +/- 50KHZ
● Frequency Range (MHz): 2412.0~2483.5
● Low Frequency (MHz):2400
● High Frequency (MHz):2483.5
● E.i.r.p (Equivalent Isotopically Radiated power) (mW)<100mW
● Bandwidth (MHz):20MHz/40MHz
Zigbee●TX Power: 19.5dBm
●Range: 150 meters minimum, open filed
●Receiving Sensibility:-94dBm
●Frequency offset: +/-20KHZ
●Frequency Range (MHz):2401.0~2483.5
●Low Frequency (MHz):2400
●High Frequency (MHz):2483.5
●E.i.r.p (Equivalent Isotopically Radiated power) (mW)<100mW
●Bandwidth (MHz):5MHz  Modulation: OQPSK
Bluetooth●TX Power: 19.5dBm
●Range: 150 meters minimum, open filed
●Receiving Sensibility: [email protected]%BER
●Frequency offset: +/-20KHZ
●Frequency Range (MHz):2401.0~2483.5
●Low Frequency (MHz):2400
●High Frequency (MHz):2483.5
●E.i.r.p (Equivalent Isotopically Radiated power) (mW)<10mW
●Bandwidth (MHz):2MHz Modulation: GFSK
Z-Wave●TX power up to13dBm (20mW)
●Range: 100 meters minimum, open filed
●Default Frequency: 916MHz( Different country with different frequency)
●RX sensitivity: @100kbps-97.5dBm
LTE-Cat4● LTE-FDD: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B12/B13/B18/B19/B20/B25/B26/B28
● LTE-TDD: B38/B39/B40/B41
● WCDMA: B1/B2/B4/B5/B6/B8/B19
● GSM: B2/B3/B5/B8
Sub-G●TX Power: 14dBm
●Range: 100 meters minimum, open filed
●Receiving Sensibility:-94dBm

4.QA Requirements

Information DescriptionStandard(Yes) custom(No)
ESD TestingYes
RF Antenna AnalysisYes
Environmental TestingYes
Reliability TestingYes

5. Package Information

5.1. BOM List

Power Adapter1
Changeover plug1
Network Cable1
Type-C Cable1
HDMI Cable1
User Manual1
Accessory Box1

5.2. Package

Packing Quantity1 Box(24pcs)
Packing MeGasurement465*544*324mm


DusunIoT offers full set of development resources including QUICK START, SDK, Firmware packaging, module firmware, Tools, vairous third party software,etc.

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