BLE Beacon Location Tracking for Asset Management

This article describes how to implement asset monitoring in various fields with the help of Bluetooth beacon gateways.
ble beacon location tracking for asset management
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A Bluetooth beacon gateway is a gadget that permits Bluetooth beacons and a cloud-based platform to communicate with one another. The beacons are affixed to the items that need to be tracked in the context of asset tracking, and the Bluetooth IoT gateway is in charge of receiving the beacon signal and transmitting it to the cloud platform. A Bluetooth beacon gateway‘s main job is to link the physical and digital worlds.

Bluetooth beacon gateway gathers data from the beacon signals, including location, movement, and asset condition information, and sends it to the cloud platform. Following processing, the platform makes this data accessible to authorized users via a web-based dashboard or a mobile app.

asset management of bluetooth gateway

Assume, for instance, that your business is engaged in an asset tracking project and you want to view the location and status of your assets in real-time. Installing asset tracking devices on assets, each of which can transmit data using BLE technology, will help you achieve this. A Bluetooth beacon gateway can then be used to gather this data and transmit it to a distant server. On your computer, you can see the current location and condition of assets in this way.

Real-time asset tracking is one of the main benefits of using a Bluetooth beacon gateway for asset tracking. Authorized users can view the location and movement of the assets in real-time thanks to the IoT gateway, which continuously receives signals from the beacons and sends them to the cloud platform. This is especially helpful for companies like logistics and supply chain management firms that must monitor the movement of their assets in real-time.

The ability to integrate extra sensors and devices is another benefit of using a Bluetooth beacon gateway. To monitor the condition of the assets, temperature and humidity sensors, for instance, can be attached to the beacons. Businesses that need to keep track of the health of their assets, like food and drug manufacturers, will find this to be of particular use.

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Asset Tracking In Different Fields

Manufacturing Factory

By giving users a thorough overview of the assets being used in the manufacturing process, asset tracking can assist clients in realizing “smart assets” in the facility. Customers may then be better able to decide how to streamline their processes and cut costs. A business might be able to spot production process bottlenecks and make changes to increase efficiency, for instance, if it can track the location and usage of its production equipment.

Asset tracking can also help clients in realizing smart assets in a manufacturing facility by providing real-time data on the status of their assets. This can assist customers in identifying issues with their assets before they become major issues. For example, if a piece of equipment begins to malfunction, the company can use asset tracking data to identify the problem and take corrective action before it causes a production shutdown.

manufacturing factory


Since hospitals use expensive equipment, medical personnel track it with Bluetooth tags to ensure its safety. Obtaining the necessary equipment can be challenging. To track medical equipment, attach a Bluetooth tag and use a mobile app. When you need a specific item, log into the Bluetooth app to find it. This system allows fast remote equipment tracking. Bluetooth tags track scanners, wheelchairs, and infusion pumps. Bluetooth tags help analyze how instruments are handled in a hospital by revealing overloaded regions.

Most drugs must be maintained properly. In a hostile environment, drugs can harm people. Bluetooth tags are used to monitor humidity, temperature, and other variables. Bluetooth humidity and temperature tags are used. The IoT platform analyzes acquired data. Bluetooth devices send real-time data to IoT platforms, keeping doctors informed. If conditions exceed specified readings, the devices will warn the healthcare team.



School property is frequently the target of theft. Items such as public tablets, laptops, books, labs, sports equipment, and other technology assets are frequently dispersed throughout the facility or grouped in various locations. Inventory surplus increases capital expenditures and maintenance expenses. In conjunction with cloud analytics for real-time sensor monitoring, BLE beacon gateways can be used to track asset location and movement.

Combined with a dedicated dashboard for school administrators, it enables school staff to locate nearby available items instantly. When an asset leaves a predefined area, the system sends out a notification. The application of the Bluetooth beacon gateway reduces the time required to locate misplaced assets, lowers the cost of replacing lost assets, and provides a real-time overview of all assets.


Dusun IoT Asset Positioning Solution

Dusun IoT has proposed two solutions for the device side for different asset positioning application scenarios: Bluetooth RSSI positioning and Bluetooth AOA positioning.

Bluetooth RSSI Positioning

The RSSI positioning utilized by Dusun IoT is supported by the DSGW-030 BLE beacon gateway in addition to a number of beacon devices featuring a variety of structural designs that can be mounted on the indoor positioning entity. The single piece of equipment makes maintaining tighter financial discipline relatively easier.

The RSSI technology to use gives organizations the ability to monitor the movements of their precious assets and access relevant information, such as the serial number and purchase date of their equipment. In addition, businesses that use asset tracking systems are able to generate situation awareness, identify security-related difficulties, and create specialized heat maps of the movement inside their buildings.

Bluetooth AOA Positioning

Dusun IoT has introduced a DSGW-200 BLE beacon gateway with edge computing functions as an AOA locator for use in asset indoor positioning scenarios that call for higher positioning accuracy. This is accompanied by a full set of AOA positioning systems, each of which includes a different series of AOA beacons that Dusun has designed by itself. Positioning accuracy of sub-meter levels is possible with this solution.

Regarding the selection of the positioning engine for the platform, Dusun is able to offer either a platform docking service for customers or an existing third-party platform Navigine. A series of complete docking documents and technical docking services can be provided if the client already possesses their own positioning platform.

The BLE AoA positioning solution, which consists of Dusun’s top-of-the-line IoT gateway hardware and Navigine’s complete tracking software platform, will be applied in warehouses and logistical facilities to enhance business processes. For warehouse managers, the solutions will offer a variety of advantages, including real-time asset tracking, workflow management for personnel, providing alerts about safety, and many more.

Why Dusun?

Complete Solution

From the device to the platform, Dusun can offer a total solution. While the majority of established positioning businesses on the market may only have hardware or platform-side positioning engines, you can offer a full suite of solutions here that includes both hardware and software.

Professional Team

Dusun has 18 years of experience in the IoT sector and partnerships with both upstream and downstream IoT businesses worldwide. We can guarantee that we can give you high-quality IoT-enabled solutions thanks to our robust and complete ecosystem.

Direct to Market

IoT gateways from Dusun can be used right away. We have already developed a mature, systematic approach that offers programmable BLE IoT devices to make it easier for you to create your own IoT solutions. The hardware components of the solution are all independently produced, which is better for quality control.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the coverage area of ​​a single AOA locator?

The area covered by a single Bluetooth AOA locator is approximately the shape of a circle, and the height difference between the gateway and the AOA TAG should be equal to two times that difference.

Is the positioning real-time and is there any delay?

The delay caused by data transmission via Bluetooth and data transmission via the network will need to be factored into the acquisition of positioning data.

What should be paid attention to in the installation of the AoA locator?

At a minimum of 2 meters’ distance should separate the locator from adjacent walls and columns.

What is the positioning accuracy of the AOA locator in meters?

We use the most recent version of the Bluetooth protocol stack, which is version 5.3, and it supports the most recent version of the AOA Bluetooth positioning technology. The accuracy of the technology can be improved to sub-meter levels, and the level of accuracy that can be achieved in practice can reach 0.3 meters under ideal conditions.

What is a Bluetooth Gateway?

Any Internet of Things solution architecture that uses Bluetooth technology must include a Bluetooth gateway, which has embeded Bluetooth modules and enables applications to exchange data with Bluetooth devices from anywhere in the world.

If you have an on-site layout that needs asset positioning, please do not hesitate to send it to us. After receiving it, we will aid with drawing out the AOA construction site map and build a personal plan for you.

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