Bluetooth Lighting Control Solution

Provide an IoT wireless lighting solution with wire-like reliability

Bluetooth Mesh Lighting Control System

BLE Mesh Light Solution Introduction

Dusun IoT provides a complete set of lighting components, including drivers, switches, sensors, and IoT lighting controllers. With our BLE Mesh gateway, you can build simple to complex IoT lighting control products, and flexibly choose the desired features to match your customer’s needs. 

We also provide modules with firmware for lighting component companies to quickly connect to wireless lighting solutions.

BLE mesh is an emerging platform for connected lighting that is paving the way to IoT smart lighting system. It provides fast, reliable performance, unmatched scalability, high-level security, and out-of-the-box interoperability, creating opportunities for larger, more efficient smart lighting networks.

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BLE Mesh Light System Block Diagram

Ble Mesh 3

Bluetooth Lighting Control Advantages

Mesh 01

Wire-like performance, our smart lighting gateways are designed for professional lighting applications, can get enterprise-level reliability, scalability and security.

Mesh 02

Global interoperability, All our Bluetooth IoT gateway mesh lighting solutions are qualified by the Bluetooth SIG. This means your components will work with qualified Bluetooth mesh devices from other vendors.

Mesh 03

Direct to market, we offer flexible integration options, dedicated prototyping, and manufacturing tools. Which means you can get to market faster and your development costs will be lower.

Mesh 04

Docking with third-party lighting control apps and applications, so that Bluetooth lighting control can be integrated into the control system you want.

Mesh 05

Secure connection, bluetooth mesh lighting control technology creates a high level of security to prevent eavesdropping, replay, and middle attack mesh network.

Mesh 06

Increase Energy Savings, The Bluetooth lighting controls to a lighting system will not increase your energy costs by providing the right amount of light when needed and reducing lighting loads when appropriate either through schedules, commands, or sensor triggers.

Mesh 07

Open standard BLE Mesh API, allowing your system to quickly access Bluetooth Mesh lighting control components.

Mesh 08

Support multiple network nodes, communicate through a neural network across multiple nodes connected, from one point in the network to any other point.

Bluetooth Lighting Control System Products

Smart Light Bulbs


Smart Downlights


Smart Remote Controls

Smart Led Driver

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