Smart Apartment Hardware Solution

Helps multifamily owners and developers make smart technology decisions

Introduction of Hardware Solutions
for Smart Apartment

As a smart apartment hardware provider, Dusun provides a solution that enables renters with a home that is integrated with and responds to their lifestyle. It increases rent, saves energy, and collects useful resident population data in return. The smart home device connects to the smart apartment platform of the customer or a third party through the smart ZigBee gateway for remote operation and control.

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Energy saving management

Energy-saving management of the apartment through smart home devices such as meters, sockets, and remote and regular electrical equipment management to prevent electricity waste.

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The security protection of the apartment, including the alarm for the intrusion of outsiders, and the prevention of water leakage, fire, and other safety accidents.

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Apartment passage management

The passage management of the apartment includes unified authorization of door locks and access control, without keys and cards.

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Intelligent apartment, intelligent control of lights and equipment.

Block Diagram of Hardware Solution for Smart Apartments

Block Diagram of Hardware Solution for Smart Apartments

Smart Apartment Gateway

1v1 ODM Services to Address All Complex Requests

odm custom design
Custom Design (RF Antenna/ PCB/ Structure/ Software)
odm fae
Technical FAE Support
odm ipd
IPD Project Management
odm prototype
Prototype Manufacturing
odm design
Manufacturing Procedure Design and Optimization
odm testing
Testing Use Case Design and Scene Building
odm supply
Supply Chain Management

Smart Apartment Hardware Kit

Expand your product line with complete IoT hardware ecosystem
tuya smoke sensor 1
Smoke Sensor
tuya door sensor 1
Door / Window Sensor
tuya gateway 1
Gateway+Wi-Fi Repeater
tuya hum temp sensor 1
water leakage sensor
Water Leakage Sensor
tuya pir 1
PIR Motion Sensor
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Compatible Applications & Platforms

As an experienced Z-wave gateway provider, Dusun offers programmable Z-wave devices that are compatible with many applications and platforms. Customers can choose gateways by preferred App/platform.

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Advantages of Smart Apartment Hardware Solutions

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Standard certification

Smart devices comply with the wireless certification and security certification, FCC, CE, CCC, UL.

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Open API interface

The gateway opens the API interface to facilitate the docking of various systems and platforms

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Zigbee 3.0 protocol

The standard zigbee3.0 protocol makes the connection easier and easier.

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LUCI configuration page

The gateway comes with a standard Luci configuration page, making it easier to access the cloud on the device.

Smart Apartment Hardware Solution Use Cases

Smart Apartment Hardware Solution Application

IoT smart metres capture and transmit real-time data from conventional energy metres. Energy management, grid monitoring, and smart homes use it. Smart Metre IoT lets manufacturers build real-time data-collecting, analysing, and exchanging systems. 

Planning, creating, assigning, and managing the usage of water resources while utilising a variety of IoT technologies is known as smart water management. It makes use of IoT devices, attempts to improve transparency, and uses these water resources in a more logical and sustainable way.

Smart switches play an important role in home automation. They can be connected to light control devices through smart gateways to realize functions such as smart light control and light adjustment. 

Traditional elevators have developed intelligence and integrated IoT to improve user experience, safety, and energy efficiency. The purpose of the article is to provide construction managers, engineers, and architects with the knowledge they need to evaluate the viability of installing IoT elevators in contemporary structures.

Procurement Guidelines

The gateway is currently operating with a module-based system. The requirements of the particular project and the volume of product sales should guide your decision between SoM and SBC. The DUSUN SoM is pre-packaged with an operating system that is ready for use, as well as a common development environment, a framework, and integration with software from a third party. All interfaces have connectors available. It connects your one-of-a-kind carrier board to the system on a chip. It is possible to connect interfaces to connectors on carrier boards or to components that have been purpose-built for a particular application. You have the option of selecting the SoM or SBC that best meets your requirements, or you can get professional assistance.

It is essential to have an understanding of the actual data communication format utilized by the private protocol. After conducting an assessment, we are able to offer individualized service packages for product development if it is possible to do so.

At the moment, a single gateway is capable of supporting a maximum of forty Zigbee devices.

The protocol itself for the gateway’s connection to the Zigbee, BLE, and Z-wave sub-devices is encrypted using the AES encryption algorithm.

In order to ensure that all communications between the gateway and the platform are kept private and secure, MQTT TLS/SSL can be used for those exchanges.

The cellular (LTE CAT M1) function is available on our DSGW-040 gateway. And in the event that the gateway lost its connection to both the Ethernet and the wifi network, it would automatically switch to cellular mode.

As long as the device is constructed in accordance with the standard for the Zigbee 3.0 protocol, the gateway will be able to adapt and transmit data to the cloud in a transparent manner.

Gateways in the DSGW-030 series can offer an MQTT API interface, as well as a local Luci configuration page. Gateways in the DSGW-210-HA series can support local HA configuration pages as well as a variety of add-ons.

In open environments, the Zigbee function of the gateway has the potential to support transmissions over distances of up to 100 meters. The extent of coverage in the actual installation ought to be evaluated with reference to the manner in which the gateway is set up, the environment in which it is situated, and the fabric of the shelter.

Customer Case

I have to spend a lot of time looking for the equipment because there are too many smart devices in the apartment, and I cannot guarantee that the equipment has the standard certification because I have to spend so much time looking for it. Dusun was responsible for providing the complete set of apartment equipment as well as the docking interface for the various pieces of that equipment..

US Customer

American company M*** purchased 700 pieces of DSGW-040-7 full-featured gateways and Zigbee thermostats and 2,000 pieces of smart door locks in 2022. This forms a complete set of smart apartment solutions dedicated to ensuring the safety of each tenant and efficiently managing the apartment.

Customer Feedback

From the British apartment solution provider John:

Because there are too many smart devices in the apartment, I need to spend a lot of time looking for the equipment, and I cannot guarantee whether the equipment has the standard certification. Dusun provided a complete set of apartment equipment and provided the docking interface of the equipment. That shortened the time of POC to one month, which is really great.

Mr. Li, CTO of a large-scale apartment brand in China:

We used to apply the cloud-to-cloud connection method in our apartment, but the equipment service provider closed down due to business problems, and the cloud platform ceased service as a result, and our apartment system could not operate normally. At present, Dusun provides a way for equipment to directly connect to our apartment system, allowing us to directly purchase hardware, avoiding the risk of system crashes caused by third-party problems in our apartment system services. The most important thing is that Dusun provides a standard device docking API to control the system docking time within 1 month, which saves us a lot of costs and time.


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