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Dusun Distributor Program

To make IoT free of difficult protocols and devices. Dusun is committed to serving IoT developers, solution providers and end-users to solve their pain points.
Now Dusun would like to invite individuals, companies, and organizations involved in the Internet of Things to act as Dusun distributors to serve more customers and contribute to developing the Internet of Things market.

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Dusun’s Distributor Program with Benefits

serve with high product quality 1
Serve with High Product Quality

Dusun has already taken the membership from Bluetooth SIG, Zigbee Alliance and more. We aim to service the best IoT gateway hardware from processing capacity to low-power comsumptions and on-trend emerging capabilities.

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Full Product Customization

Combine your knowledge of specific customer needs with our decades of IoT experience to deliver market-ready products and services that seamlessly integrate into even the most challenging environments.

strong fae post purchase service 1
Strong FAE & Post Purchase Service

Dusun partners have access to priority technical support devices. We get you answers fast so you can be responsive to your customers.

joint marketing cooperation 1
Joint Marketing Cooperation

  • Online advertising: Dusun is committed to continuously promoting products on online channels with top positions for brand exposure.
  • Jointly with local and industry social media influencer to promote DUSUN brand or carry out goods activities.

price protection policy boost revenue streams 1
Price Protection Policy Boost Revenue Streams

  • Dusun's stores reveal the price system is not lower than the price of agents.
  • Give the agent enough profit space, build a perfect price system to protect the interests of agents.

stable capacity secure business growth 1
Stable Capacity Secure Business Growth

Dusun partners have access to priority technical support devices. We get you answers fast so you can be responsive to your customers.

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Want to develop your own IoT Gateway from the bottom layer of the hardware. Click below to learn more about IoT Gateway development

Iot solution Vendor

Want to build your own IoT Application using a full-fledged public cloud platform. Click below to learn more about IoT Application development

End User

Directly using the Off-the-Shelf Gateway+ network devices. Click below to find more products.

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Dusun’s Distributor Program empowers your IoT hardware capacity to quickly create new opportunities, close new business, and ensure success.


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