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Dusun Distributor Recruitment Letter

Dusun’s mission

Dusun’s mission: To make IoT free of difficult protocols and devices. Dusun is committed to serving three groups of customers and solving their pain points. Now Dusun would like to invite individuals, companies, and organizations involved in the Internet of Things to act as Dusun distributors to serve more customers and contribute to developing the Internet of Things market.

IoT gateway developer

The pain points of IoT gateway developer

Lack of suitable hardware:

Have the ability to develop the software embedded in the gateway but lack suitable hardware.

The productization cycle is long, and the cost-performance ratio is weak:

The hardware found is all development boards such as Raspberry Pi. After the development is completed, it is necessary to find a manufacturer for productization. The long productization cycle affects the market launch.

The investment in productization is huge, but the sales volume in the market is only a few thousand, which shows that the cost-effectiveness of productization investment is poor.

The weak capability of embedded software:

There will be some problems in the development process, which need the support of FAE; some developers make their own applications directly based on open source software and need to find a suitable company to make BSP-level plug-ins.

Lack of a proper supply chain:

A well-designed gateway cannot find a fab that has wireless and batch testing capabilities and can do small batch production.


The product series of Dusun IoT gateway:

Developer som

Developing from SOM/wireless module

Developer quick start

ODM-Specified CPU or wireless module, use our shell or your ID

Developer Raspberry pi

Replace Raspberry Pi Gateway-directly download APP

Developer odm

ODM-Specified CPU or wireless module, use our shell or your ID


  • Flexible product form : SOM/ Programable gateway / Replace Raspberry Pi gateway/ ODM
  • Productizeddevelopment board: Perfect enclosure/complete certification


  • Quickly developing: the IoT gateway: developing from Ready SOM and ready wireless module and ready wireless driver, supporting different OS
  • Direct to market: development can be directly marketable, saving the time needed for certification and shortening the time needed for
Ads 1

Modular design

Freedom select the function module
which you need for
mass orderReady driver
and addon for wireless module

Ads 2

Directly to Market

Ready certificate
Ready enclosure
Not developing board,
ready end product board

Ads 3


More OS supported
Continually keeping OS
version update

Ads 4

Strong FAE support

Complete development of
documentationPart of
the code supports

ads5 2


Customer logorebrand

Ads 6

R & D Capabilities

RF design
Networking device design
Product Firmware
System platform


Quickly developing customers’ own IoT gateway


Qualifications for Dusun distributors of IoT gateway developers

  • Development boards sellers and part of the customer are IoT gateway developers
  • Training school for developers: Some trainees are developing IoT gateway applications, especially gateway applications based on Home Assistant, openHAB, Node-red
  • KOL with fans who are developers
  • Sellers with a customer base of branded gateway
  • The consultancy with gateway developers

IoT solution vendors

The pain point for IoT solution vendors

Lack of suitable gateway and application data collection kit:

IoT application development capabilities, equipment, and network services based on the public Cloud Platform.

The gateway zero-code pair is required to connect to the device and network service platform, and the configuration interface is required to enable standard devices onboard to the platform.

Lack of industry Startup kit:

Lack of equipment selection ability and the ability to reprogram devices to the selected Cloud Platform. It is best to have a complete industry kit for POC development validation.

Lack of industry application algorithm ability:

Some industries require algorithmic capabilities for collecting data, which many application developers do not possess.


The product series of IoT cloud platforms:

210 helium 1

Platform Certified



030 1

Platform Certified



group 3

Platform Certified


Starter Kit


Free code Integration of Gateway and Cloud Platform

Quickly onboard the gateway to Cloud Platform without requiring to develop or modify the embedded software. Because the integration with Cloud Platforms has been completed already. This eliminates the need for development work.

Simple Cloud Configuration of devices

Using the gateway powered by the Roombanker, after the easy setup, the data can be pushed to those cloud platforms, making it easy for you to build scalable IoT applications that collect, process, analyze, and act on data without the need to manage any infrastructure.



  • Pre-connected with the Cloud
    Our gateway has built-in integration with the platforms and is also qualified by these platforms, such as AWS, Azure, etc. The benefit is that the developer can directly use the services provided by these platforms without the need to do the development., thus accelerating IoT application development.
  • Pre-certification by the Cloud
    Our Gateway has been qualified by AWS, Azure, and Thingsboard platforms. And the applications for the certification from other platforms are in progress. Using the qualified gateway, the developer can directly connect with the platform without modifying the embedded software.
  • Multiple-Protocol(wired and wireless)supported
    The gateway powered by Roombanker is an innovative IoT gateway, connecting various sensors/devices through Zigbee3.0, Bluetooth, WiFi, Z-Wave, Sub-G, and Modbus. And it comes with 232/485/Modbus/DI/AI interface. You can select different gateways based on different protocols.
  • Device configuration interface: Customers can configure devices to the Cloud by using the configuration

The benefit of product line

Quicklydata collect between devices and the Cloud Platform

Work as a bridge to connect the end device to the public cloud platform and exchange messages quickly. Besides, the developer can make use of all of the features supported by the cloud platform once the connection between the gateway and the platform is established.

Qualifications for Dusun distributors of Dusun IoT solution vendor

  • Bloggersactive in major IoT Cloud platform forums: The daily activity index of the forum is very high
  • The organizer of the local IoT association with a large membership
  • Training school of Cloud platform IoT application developer

IoT Gateway End Users

Pain points for end-users (Smart home, IoT miners)

How do brands interconnect with each other:

Xiaomi can’t access Doodle, Z-Wave can’t access Tuya, Tuya can’t be localized

Whether the same system has a fusion network:

The AP and gateway need to be combined. A gateway is required to transmit the video stream, and the gateway needs to be combined with a WiFi repeater. The gateway and central control screen need to be combined, and the gateway and mining machine need to be combined.

On board and integrated construction education:

Network and integrated construction training is required


Off-the-shelf gateway plus networking devices

The product series of smart home end users, IoT miner

1 router cpe tuya gateway

Router CPE



2 app gateway



075 tuya 1

Wi-Fi Repeater



4 lcd tuya gateway1




Qualifications for Dusun distributors of Dusun end-user gateway

  • Originally acting as an agent for other brands of smart home products
  • Organizations companies with a customer base of the telecom service provider
  • Channels and agents for network equipment and interested in expanding smart home business
  • Originally the agent of IoT mining machines

Distributor Conditions

Conditions for Junior Distributors

Application conditions: No, but it is necessary to specify the main customer groups in the service

Sales target: The minimum order is $ 2000, yearly turnover is $50,000


Conditions for Professional distributor

Application Requirements: Applicants are supposed to submit the size of their original customer base and the possible ratio for conversion to Dusun products

Sales target: The minimum order is $ 20,000, yearly turnover is $500,000

Market insight reports are expected to be submitted annually


Distributors support the brand side

Technical support: technical support in the process of intelligent solution development;

Training and empowerment: sharing and training activities for C-end consumers to build smart home systems;

After-sales serviceability: product maintenance support;

Information feedback: new products in the market, competitors’ dynamics

Empowered by the brand side to the professional agent:

Cover part of the marketing expenses of the channel side

Dusun is currently not a famous brand and is willing to pay for joint brand marketing with distributors, assisting the channel in changing the promotion of the Dusun brand in the local market. Joint marketing includes not only the following ways:

  1. Advertising on online platforms: to promote influence and channel sales of Dusun, pushing Dusun products to the top positions of the platform or the core position of the platform to expose the Dusun
  2. Collaborate with local internet celebrities and industry bloggers on Dusun branding or merchandising
  3. Conduct marketing activities with well-known local organizations or big
  4. According to the marketing time of local shopping festivals and platforms, distributors can formulate Promotion plans and apply for marketing expenses from the brand side:
    • Dusun will cover 50% of the marketing expenses in the first year but not more than 20% of the order value.
    • In the second year, Dusun will cover 30% of the entire marketing expenses but not more than 10% of the order value.
    • In the third year, Dusun will cover 15% of the entire marketing expenses but not more than 5% of the order value.


Annual goal achievement incentive:

annual approved sales

Sales reward: define sales targets every year

Distributor grade

  1. BronzeDistributor: The annual order quantity is equal to or greater than $ 500,000 
  2. SilverDistributor: The annual order quantity is equal to or greater than $ 1000,000 
  3. GoldDistributor: The annual order quantity is equal to or greater than $ 3000,000 
    In cases that the ratio of total Order Amount to Sales Target exceeds 30 % during the contract period, the sales reward shall be 10 % of the excess.

The benefit of acting as a gold distributor: the junior distributors are specified to purchase goods from the gold distributor in the same region, and part of the commission is reserved for the gold distributor.


Referral reward

Referral of relevant individuals, organizations, companies, or distributors to become distributors of Dusun is encouraged by the brand side, and the referees would receive commissions on the sales generated by recommended distributors.

    • The commission is 3% of the annual order in the first year.
    • The commission is 2% of the annual order in the second year.
    • The commission is 1% of the annual order in the third year.
    • The commission is 0% of the yearly order in the fourth year.

Meanwhile, the brand side is considering setting up joint venture channels with core channels and ensuring the interests of the channels.

Jointly local-promote and establishment of joint venture channels

When the epidemic situation is under control, Dusun can invest in the promotion of personnel in the core market. Based on the sales brought in, Dusun gives partial introductory incentives and shared promotion policies.


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