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Introducing Dusun’s Latest Horticulture Lighting Solutions—a BLE mesh protocol-based solution run on Home Assistant, which aims to help control grow lights, including functions like ON/OFF, brightness adjustment, CCT adjustment, etc. To meet the plant growth requirements, as the growing conditions change(e.g. temperature, humidity, brightness…), the lights can be adjusted automatically to fit the environments.


Block Diagram

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BLE MESH Technology

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BLE MESH Technology

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BLE MESH Technology


BLE MESH Technology

Kit Solution

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DSM-058 Power Board

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DSBC-150 Temperature and Humidity Sensor​

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Home Assistant Gateway

This is a solution for plant growth light control based on Home Assistant. The entire system uses BLE mesh technology. The light switch and brightness can be adjusted regularly according to the growth law of plants, and the brightness of the light can be adjusted according to the changes in the environment

DSM-058 Power Board

The DSM 058 Powerboard is a low-cost 5CH drive conversion solution developed by Dusun, which is mainly used in 0 10V PWM drive mode drivers. With the company’s DSM 055 module, it can realize the remote dimming and color adjustment function and realize the scene linkage.

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Temperature and Humidity

DSBC 150M is Low Energy wireless sensor beacon based on Bluetooth mesh protocol, that has the function of collecting temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment, it has high protection level (IP66/IP68), so and its characteristics are small-sized, low-weighted, easily portable and highly accurate for wide use in cold chain logistics, archives, labs, museums, outdoor, etc


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