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Outdoor Sensor Beacon Product Specification

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

1.1 Description

DSBC-060 is an outdoor beacon sensor, is Dusun developed intelligent sensor equipment. Suitable for outdoor environment temperature and humidity detection or position location function, a red LED lamp and a button switch (low power setting, pairing setting).Reserved air pressure sensing function.

1.2 Application

  • Refrigerated storage and transportation

  • Archives

  • Experimental (test) rooms

  • Workshop

  • Museums

  • Pharmaceutical environment

  • Fresh transport

1.3 Product feature

  • High accuracy and stability.

  • Built-in highly sensitive temperature and humidity sensor SHTC3(Sensirion).

  • Built-in highly performance air pressure sensor BME280(BOSCH), it’s only for the model DSBC-150-4.

  • Can be set normal storage temperature and humidity data interval and alarm storage temperature and humidity data interval.

  • Can update version by OTA.

  • Can support eddystone and ibeacon.

  • Support local low voltage alarm.

2. Appearance


Bluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.2BeaconZigbee 3.0Long rangeT&H detectAir pressure

Remark: (1) Can be designed as a standard iBeacon, Eddystone protocol, can also meet the needs of broadcast package customization

3. Product specification

3.1 RF performance

ProtocolBuilt-in PAPerformance
Zigbee 3.0Yes● TX Power: 17.5dBm
● Range: 200 meters minimum, open filed
● Receiving Sensibility: -94dBm
Bluetooth 5.2No● Main IC: nRF52820
● TX power: 8dBm,adjustable
● Communication rate:
125kbps (long-range)
1Mbps(not long-range)
● Transmission distance:
100~200 meters (open area, and long-range protocol)
50~100 meters (open area , and not long-range protocol)
Sensor TypeSensor ICPerformance
Temperature &humiditySHTC3● Detect temperature range: -30℃~ +65℃
● Temperature accuracy: ±0.3°C (0~65°C) ,±1°C (-40~0°C)
● Detect humidity range: 0 ~100%RH
● Humidity accuracy: ±3% (20~80%RH) ,±5%(0~20%RH,80~100%RH)
Temperature &humidity&air pressureBME280● Detect temperature range: -30℃~ +65℃
● Temperature accuracy: ±1.5°C (0~65°C) ,±2°C (-40~0°C)
● Detect humidity range: 0 ~100%RH
● Humidity accuracy: ±4% (20~80%RH) ,±6%(0~20%RH,80~100%RH)
● Detect air pressure range: 300~1100 hPa
● Air pressure accuracy:±2hPa(0~65°C) ,±2.5hPa(-40~0°C)
Electronic● Working voltage: 2.2~3.6VDC

● Average power consumption: <100uA

● Built-in battery : CR2477 ,950mAh

● Battery life: 2~3 years (Depends on the mode of operation)

● IP protection: IP67

● RTC: Not support

● Certification: CE FCC

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