BLE Beacon Gateway

Beacon gateway plays the role of a reader in beacon setup. BLE Beacon gateway is a Bluetooth-enabled reader that detect any BLE beacons which comes into the coverage area of the Gateway, read and pass on advertising data using MQTT via LTE/wI-Fi/Ethenet to the cloud server. Widely applied in real-time location-based services.

Dusun BLE Beacon gateway collects the data from iBeacon, Eddystone, AltBeacon compatible beacons. In addition to a web interface that allows you to easily set it up and update the firmware over the OTA, Dusun Bluetooth Beacon Gateway provides a standard Beacon2MQTT API interface connecting to a public MQTT server or your private server.

Ble Beacon Gateway 2

Dusun Bluetooth Beacon Gateways for Sale

Dusun IoT offers cost-effective BLE wireless indoor location tracking solution (BLE gateways and beacons) for tracking people and items inside pre-defined areas. Our BLE beacon gateways are equipped with high-performance processors and ample on-chip memory, allowing for large amounts of data storage and caching to run advanced IoT applications (e.g. locate valuable equipment and record equipment usage for better maintenance planning, repair and replace as needed in order for business optimization).

BLE Beacon Gateways DSGW-010-3 Waterproof BLE Beacon Gateway DSGW-030 BLE 5 Ethernet Gateway DSGW-092 ESP32 BLE WiFi Gateway DSGW-210 Bluetooth Edge Computing Gateway
Product image dsgw 010 2 dsgw 030 2 dsgw 092 2 dsgw 210 2
CPU MT7628 MT7688 ESP32-DoWD-V3 RK3328
RAM Up to 128MB Up to 64MB Up to 128MB Up to 2GB
OS OpenWrt OpenWrt Free RTOS Debian 11, Ubuntu, Android
concurrent connection number Up to 32 Up to 32 Up to 20 Up to 32
protocols BLE 5.2, WiFi 2.4/5G, LTE CAT M1, Ethernet, GPS BLE 5.2, WiFi 2.4G, Ethernet BLE 5.2, WiFi 2.4G, LTE CAT M1, Ethernet BLE 5.2, LTE CatM1/Cat1/Cat4, Wi-Fi2.4G/5G, Ethernet
interface RJ45 WLAN/LAN port, USB Port RJ45, Type-C, SIM Card RJ45, Type-C, SIM Card, SD Card, USB 2.0
power supply PoE, DC 12V adapter PoE, micro USB port USB 5V type C 5V USB type C, 5000mAH Li-battery backup,
waterproof IP66 IP22
Receiving sensitivity [email protected]%BER -80dBm @0.1%BER Read specification [email protected]%BER
working temperature -20℃~70℃ 0℃~40℃ -10℃~70℃ -10℃~60℃
Transimt power 19.5dBm 19.5 dBm 19.5dBm 19.5dBm
size 180mm*175mm*75mm 70mm*70mm*25mm 95mm*95mm*30mm 120mm*120mm*33.45mm
Installation Flat, Ceiling, DIN Flat, Ceiling, DIN Flat, Ceiling, DIN Flat, Ceiling, DIN
certification BQB, FCC, CE, RoHS, IP66 FCC, CE, IC, BQB, RoHs FCC, CE , IC FCC, CE, BQB, PTCRB, RoHs

1v1 ODM Services to Address All Complex Requests

Custom Design (RF /PCB /Structure /Software)
Prototype Manufacturing
Complete Test & Validation
Manufacturing & Quality Control
Global Delivery

Dusun BLE Beacon Gateway Features

Highly Customizable

Highly Customizable

logo, color, ID, wireless modules and firmware.

Low Power

Low Power

averagely 80mA as WiFi data transferring.

Web Interface and Phone UI

Web Interface and Phone UI

Set the message reporting interval and device MAC.

Multi Backhaul

Multi Backhaul

Uploading data via cellular(3G/4G), WiFi, Ethernet.



Dusun Gateway provides a standard Beacon2MQTT API interface connecting to a public MQTT server or your private server.

BLE 5.3 New Features

BLE 5.3 New Features

Support Bluetooth scan, GATT, BLE Mesh, real BLE PHY Code 1km long range, AoA angle of arrival positioning.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Support E2E security protocol, WPA2, 802.1x Enterprise, HTTPS/MQTT TLS encryption.

Industrial Working Standard

Industrial Working Standard

Support Industrial operation temperature, humidity and IP68.

Dusun BLE Beacon Gateway Resources

BLE Gateway & Beacons Turnkey Solutions

Dusun IoT BLE beacons can be attached to each item that need to be tracked. Each beacon sends a unique Bluetooth Low Energy data packet to the BLE beacon gateway. When the gateway receives data messages from beacons in its vicinity, it assesses the signal strength and then sends the gathered Beacon information to the positioning server. The positioning server calculates the Beacons’ real-time coordinates based on the gateways’ known coordinates.

The turnkey BLE gateway with beacon solution enhances asset management efficiency, and asset position changes may be received in real time on background software, removing the need for human tracking on site. Users can configure electronic fences for physical assets in the software’s background, so when the assets leave the electronic fence region, an alert is generated.

How Does Beacon Gateway Work

BLE beacon gateway can automatically detect iBeacon, Eddystone, AltBeacon, or any other BLE Beacons nearby, collect data from them, and then pass on advertising data over 4G cellular, Wi-Fi, etc., to the server by MQTT/HTTPS protocols.

To make Beacon + Gateway work, firstly, you have to put beacon/tag on persons/items you may want to linked to. Beacon is a broadcast protocol based on the BLE protocol.It is also BLE salve device. Beacon will advertise data packet to the surrounding at regular intervals.

At the same time, you need to set up some Bluetooth beacon gateways. As an independant Bluetooth host, the Bluetooth gateway will receive the data packets broadcast by Beacon at intervals when performing the scanning action. The content of the packet can contain up to 31 bytes. 

Meanwhile, when the BLE beacon gateway receives a broadcast packet, it will indicate which Beacon MAC address the broadcast packet comes from (each Beacon has a unique MAC address), and what the current received and transmitted signal strength indication value RSSI.

After receiving the data, Bluetooth beacon gateway will send it to cloud servers by MQTT/TCP/HTTP protocols, and cloud servers will send the command back. Learn more about What is a Bluetooth Gateway.

How Does BLE Beacon Gateway Work 2

BLE Beacon gateway FAQs & Buying Guide

As the name implies, a BLE gateway is a Bluetooth gateway that makes use of BLE technology. Bluetooth Low Energy, or BLE, operates at the same 2.4GHz frequency but consumes less power. Just forty channels are transmitted. Until the connection is made, the BLE will be in a sleep mode. BLE saves electricity by varying the rate frequency it uses. A BLE gateway’s duty cycle is substantially shorter than Bluetooth’s when BLE is linked. Since BLE technology is becoming more and more used in Internet of Things (IoT) applications, when people refer to Bluetooth gateways, they typically mean BLE gateways.

The internet as we know it is built on the internet protocol (IP), which includes addressing and routing across network borders and can be used as the foundation for application protocols like MQTT or CoAP. A device uses a radio, such as cellular, Wi-Fi, or Thread, to interact with IP directly. However, IP also has several drawbacks, including high memory overhead and huge power usage. Thus, not all small IoT devices support IP; instead, they use cheaper and more energy-efficient protocols like Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which prevent direct internet connection. In order to convert BLE packets into IP packets, a BLE gateway device that supports both IP and non-IP protocols is required.

BLE Beacons transmit an ID number through BLE channels at a broadcast interval that is user-configurable. This ID number is detected by a Bluetooth gateway that is close to the beacon. An action, such downloading and displaying cloud-based content on a smartphone, is linked to the ID number when an app or pre-installed service like Navigine recognizes it.

BLE beacons are small radio transmitters strategically placed throughout the location to disseminate low-energy Bluetooth signals within a predetermined range. This range is determined by the hardware performance itself. This beacon’s BLE signal has the power to start a specified location-specific action. For proximity marketing, BLE-driven check-ins, retargeting ADs, asset tracking, indoor navigation, and other uses, beacons are frequently employed.

Read More: What are Beacons and How Beacon technology wokrs?

There are two types of working mode: movable and stationary.

Movable iBeacon tags: the mobile iBeacon tags proactively broadcasts its own MAC address, battery power and other information to the Bluetooth gateway, which then sends the info to the server for calculation. The background positioning algorithm calculates and outputs the location information of the iBeacon tags accordingly. This method is appropriate for scenarios such as personnel positioning, BLE location tracking, data statistics and analysis.

Stationary iBeacon devices: the fixed iBeacon device proactively broadcasts its own MAC address, power, and other information to a BLE work card. The work card then scans the broadcasted information and forwards it to a Bluetooth gateway. The Bluetooth gateway will collect all work card information and upload to the position engine server, where positioning algorithm service calculates the positions of the work card displays the information on terminal software. This method can complete functions such as real-time position tracking, track playback, and electronic fence, and is appropriate for retail malls, hotels, hospitals, and other locations where personnel positioning, navigation, marketing, and other services are required.

You can use the BLE beacon gateway and the ibeacon device separately or together. When employed together, it may be seen as the relationship between management and management. The Bluetooth beacon gateway may gather data by scanning Bluetooth broadcasting devices within its range of coverage and uploading the data to the selected storage server using network protocols including WiFi, Ethernet, 4G, and others.

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