Z-Wave Cloud Module

SKU DSM-100 Category
  •  Built-in stable firmware for various Z-Wave IoT products
  • Free MQTT- API to quickly connect products to the public and private cloud platforms through Dusun Z-wave gateway
  • Certification: CE, FCC, SRRC

Product Name Wireless Devices Firmware Version
DSM-100-1 Temperature &humidity sensor DSM-100_T&H sensor.bin
DSM-100-2 Door/window sensor DSM-100_Beacon.bin
DSM-100-3 PIR DSM-100_PIR.bin
DSM-100-4 Leakage DSM-100_Leakage.bin
DSM-100-5 Plug DSM-100-Plug.bin
DSM-100-6 Switch(3 gang) DSM-100-Switch.bin
DSM-100-7 Smoke DSM-100-Smoke.bin
DSM-100-8 Emergency button DSM-100-SOS button.bin
DSM-100-9 RGB lighting DSM-100-lighting.bin
DSM-100-10 Strip(4 gang) DSM-100-Strip.bin