Wi-Fi Cloud Module

  1. Built-in stable firmware for various Wi-Fi IoT products
  2. Free MQTT docking documents enable the product to dock to Public and private cloud platforms
  3. Certification: CE, FCC, SRRC

          >>Product Specification

Product Name Firmware Version Wireless Devices
DSM-030-1 DSM-030_Lighting.bin Lighting
DSM-030-2 DSM-030_Dimmer.bin Dimmer
DSM-030-3 DSM-030_breaker.bin Breaker
DSM-030-4 DSM-030_Switch.bin Switches
DSM-030-5 DSM-030-Plug.bin Plug
DSM-030-6 DSM-030-Strip.bin Strip
DSM-030-7 DSM-030-Lock.bin Smart Lock
DSM-030-8 DSM-030-scan.bin Wifi scan
DSM-030-9 DSM-030-Smoke.bin Smoke
DSM-030-10 DSM-030-thermostat.bin Thermostat
Product Name Wireless Devices Firmware Version
DSM-031-1 RGBCW lamp DSM-031_Lighting.bin
DSM-031-2 The regulator DSM-031_Dimmer.bin
DSM-031-3 Breaker DSM-031_breaker.bin
DSM-031-4 Switch DSM-031_Switch.bin
DSM-031-5 Socket DSM-031-Plug.bin
DSM-031-6 Plug-in DSM-031-Strip.bin
DSM-031-7 Smart lock DSM-031-Lock.bin
DSM-031-8 Wifi scan DSM-031-scan.bin
DSM-031-9 Smoke DSM-031-Smoke.bin
DSM-031-10 thermostat DSM-031-thermostat.bin
Product Name Wireless Devices Firmware Version
DSM-033 - -
Product Name Wireless Devices Firmware Version
DSM-034 - -