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Smart hub gateway hubs are crucial for home automation systems. Smart home gateways can act as control center to gather instructions and output to the device so that it can begin operating; Smart home gateways can also acts as a protocol converter to among many communication protocols so that smart gadgets using various protocols can be connected to one another. Smart home gateways is also a relay connecting devices that are unable to connect to the network directly to the network and realized the function of remote control.
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Why Choose Dusun Smart Home Gateways

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Compatible Applications and Platforms

Universal smart home gateways offered by Dusun IoT are programmble and compatible with many smart home applications and platforms. So that customers can choose smart hub gateways by preferred App/platform to build up their own smart home solutions.

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Smart Home Gateway Solutions

Home Security

Smart home security systems help users to know about potential safety concerns in real time, identify them, and take prompt action to avert them. A smart home security system typically comprises of sensors that identify various environmental parameters (e.g. door and window opening status), actuators that control home devices (e.g. light switches), smart gateways to connect various sensors and actuators, and then transfer data to smart devices, and cellphones/tablets for remote management and control.

Smart Temperature Control

Smart thermostats play the part of maintaining a comfortable living environment at home. It can automatically alter the temperature and humidity of the home and lower energy costs when used in conjunction with temperature and humidity sensors, air conditioners, and other smart home devices. The smart home gateway enables Zigbee/Z-Wave thermostats to Wi-Fi connectivity, and IoT cloud connection. Users can manage and monitor home environment from terminals like smartphones at any time and from any location.

Home Energy Monitoring

Home energy monitoring systems, which incorporate smart home gateways and various IoT devices (e.g. smart plug) and sensors, offer real-time data and insights into energy consumption, enabling homeowners to make knowledgeable decisions to minimize energy waste, maximize efficiency, and even save on energy expenditures. IoT-capable smart plugs may be plugged into electrical outlets and provide linked appliances and gadgets control over their power source. The IoT gateway serves as the central hub for collecting data from smart plugs, processing it, and controlling their operations.

FAQs of Smart Home Gateways

Smart hub gateway manages the operation of the entire smart home system. It gathers, inputs, and outputs data from smart home devices., and in charge of tasks including centralized, linkage and remote control. The smart hub gateway uses wireless communication protocols such as Zigbee, BLE, and Z-Wave to links household items like doors, windows, lighting, home appliances, as well as sensors and controllers like smart switches and smart sockets, into a home network for centralized management. Explore universal Zigbee gateway hub here.

BLE, Zigbee, Z-Wave, and WiFi are four dominant communication protocols for smart home devices. While WiFi may communicate with the cloud without a gateway, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and Z-Wave require a universal smart home gateway to do so. On the other hand, many smart home gadgets now use the BLE and Zigbee instead of the WiFi if it is not essential, due to WiFi’s large energy consumption and the router restriction on the number of fitted devices. Therefore, if someone wants to establish smart home solution for the entire house, devices that use these four protocols will have to work together, and they must be coordinated through the smart home gateways. Explre our DSGW-030 Zigbee Bluetooth WiFi gateway here.

A single smart home gateway can serve as a controller hub to simply store and execute various automation commands locally. But if there are multiple smart gateway in the home, cross-gateway linking and automation might be essentially stored in the cloud, which may arouse two issues: the failure to use when the network is shut off, or automation execution efficiency is significantly decreased when the network quality is poor. Smart edge computing gateway can be considered in solving this issue, allowing different automations and scenarios to be saved and run locally, remaining unaffected even if the network is removed. 

The following two elements often need to be taken into account while installing smart hub gateways for smart homes.

The quantity of linked devices: A gateway can only connect a certain amount of smart devices. Exceed the limit may cause failure of adding devices, and the number of connected devices is not the more the better. You have to consider the stability of simultaneously connect so many devices. Dusun IoT offers a variety of smart home gateways, and the number of concurrently connected devices may vary depending on your smart home solutions. We thus advised that you speak with our FAE engineers.

Home area: a mini-size gateway is sufficient if the home is not particularly big and there aren’t many smart gadgets inside. If the home area is sizable, you can think about using both tiny gateways with a PoE gateway. The PoE gateway‘s signal is stronger and can cover a larger area when installed in the midst of wide space like the living room. Other important locations, including the master bedroom, where tiny gateways can be discretely installed, taking up little space, and makes it simple to set up the whole communication network.

Through the use of the Home Assistant app, DSGW-210-HA series gateways are able to carry out local device control and gateway configuration.

A typical smart house may include 50–100 linked appliances, lights, thermostats, and other items. Each of these items has its own power needs. Energy usage becomes a challenge once they are all operating. For every smart home hub, better power management and reduced power usage are essential.

The Zigbee module found in Silicon Labs’ efr32 series is the one that is utilized by Dusun.

The gateway now supports the reporting of Internet of Things data on platforms such as AWS, Azure, and Google IoT. Additionally, the gateway can now serve as the foundation for open-source platforms such as OpenHAB, Jeedom, and Home Assistant.


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