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One-stop Development for IoT Gateways, Industrial Motherboards & System on Modules. Turn IoT Device Development Process into Success.

Compatible Applications & Platforms

As a residential gateway/home automation gateway provider, Dusun offers programmable gateways that are compatible with many applications and platforms. Customers can choose gateways by preferred App/platform.

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Featured Solutions

Building Automation

Dusun’s Zigbee Gateway, acting as a bridge connecting Zigbee to the EnOcean ecosystem, pre-installed an EnOcenan binding to receive information from end device and control actuators. It’s designed to make building more energy-efficient and achieve management of energy consumption by wireless technology

Smart Apartment

As intelligent metering devices grow in popularity, utility providers can benefit from the capabilities of Zigbee gateways, which can forward the information from the smart device to the cloud, and track water and electric use within businesses, apartments, and other households. Property companies can then bill based on the amount of water and electricity used or time of day or reward households and enterprises for conserving resources.

Home Energy Management

Using Dusun Pi series, consumers can better monitor their energy consumption and cut down on wasteful spending. With the addition of the custom module to the Dusun Pi series running the Home Assistant, any energy monitoring hardware that is compatible with the gateway can be used to collect information. Dusun Pi series is able to collect data from Z-Wave, Zigbee3.0 and Bluetooth end devices and upload it to the cloud. Users can gain valuable insights into their energy consumption and construct robust automation with its help.

Procurement Guidelines for Smart Home Gateway

The gateway is compatible with equipment designed in accordance with the standard for the Zigbee 3.0 protocol.

It is possible to achieve a transmission distance of 100 meters in open areas, and the indoor transmission distance depends on the specific scene.

The Dusun Zigbee protocol is compatible with a variety of networking configurations. A single Zigbee gateway can support up to 40 device connections if the network is configured as a tree. In the event that a specialized mode of mesh networking is required for a local network, a gateway has the capacity to support up to thousands of devices.

Realizing the functions of local scene linkage and local offline control can be accomplished by utilizing a home assistant gateway from the DSGW-210 series.

Through the use of the Home Assistant app, DSGW-210-HA series gateways are able to carry out local device control and gateway configuration.

Dusun offers two different docking modes for Zigbee gateways:

  • a.providing customers with an MQTT API for bidirectional communication of messages through the platform;
  • b.and b. offering a local gateway configuration page to meet the requirements of the most recent pairing test.

The Zigbee module found in Silicon Labs’ efr32 series is the one that is utilized by Dusun.

The gateway now supports the reporting of Internet of Things data on platforms such as AWS, Azure, and Google IoT. Additionally, the gateway can now serve as the foundation for open-source platforms such as OpenHAB, Jeedom, and Home Assistant.


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