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About Us

We focus on the supply of kernel hardware in the internet of things(IoT).

It doesn’t matter you’re a solution provider, distributor, or IoT developer,

Dusun is here to help you create your best IoT project.

Who We Are

Based in Hangzhou, China, with clients & partners all over the globe.


200+ employees

More than 100 employees in China


17 years

Founded in 2005, we have more than ten years of experience in the wireless communication industry


Industry & Research

A private company that industry and research are integrated


3+ offices

Based in Hangzhou. The production base is located in Huzhou. Holding offices in Beijing, Guangdong

What Makes Us Special


Unique Targeting of Our Products

Our smart IoT devices focus on providing maximized convenience for customers. They support reprogram, multi-protocol, and various platforms compatible. Leading for a more valuable way where our customers can maximize the acquisition of their projects.


Integrated with Popular Platforms, and Keep Doing...

Our smart products, including IoT gateways and sensors, support multi-protocols. That makes our products easy for use in many IoT sectors.

Strong R&D

We have 30+ professional engineers. 100% of them have rich experience in the IoT industry. With the core algorithm of deep learning, and based on industry integrated chip capability, our products are suited for various demands.

Excellent Services

We provide professional services for our customers while providing programmable Zigbee/Z-Wave/BLE IoT devices. Standard smart products are available for distributors expanding business fastly.

Our Products


Programmable and Multi-protocol Smart IoT Gateway

IoT gateways that linkup devices like lights, locks, thermostats, outlets, door/window sensors, and other smart devices together. With Dusun programmable IoT gateway:

  • IoT solution providers can promote their IoT projects in the smart home, smart office, energy-saving, and agriculture.
  • Zigbee(1.2/3.0), BLE(5.0/Mesh), Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, and 3G/4G LTE protocols are supported to make a connection between sensors and clouds.
  • Data generated by edge devices can be uplink to popular IoT platforms for remote control & management.
  • IoT solution providers can integrate devices with digital assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Smart Sensors & Detectors

Sensors collect data in surrounded environments, including security, temperature, humidity, motion, water leak, and another potential threat. With our smart sensors & detectors:
  • Developers can monitor & manage the devices from anywhere.
  • Homeowners can get alert through smartphone Apps.
  • Easy for installation and integration with specific platforms.

Smart Control

Including smart cabinet lock, fingerprint lock, and password/card smart lock designed for the rental apartment. With our smart access control devices:
  • IoT solution providers can provide more critical services for their customers according to the data generated by the locks.
  • Homeowners can open the door by password, fingerprint, card, and key.
  • Easy for installation and integration with specific platforms.

Why Choose Us

Ready-to-use products

Our smart IoT gateways have already integrated with Tuya, which allows customers to get down to business rapidly and easily without spending an extensive amount of time on integration.

Comprehensive Services

Dusun makes sure IoT solution providers, distributors, and IoT developers are supported with high-performance smart products, a team of technicians, and online support.


Industries-Home Automation

Home Automation

Industries-Smart Office

Smart Office

Industries-Energy Saving

Energy Saving

Industries-Elder Care

Elder Care

Industries- Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture

Industries-Smart Building

Smart Building




Developer Zone
You can find the latest resources of IoT, IoT devices, and the ways to develop IoT devices by yourselves. Including how to make a connection to the platforms, etc.
Download the IoT development files to promote your projects, including the code sample, and other documents such as our product catalog.
The latest articles of smart home devices, smart solution, and the technology in the internet of things. Including protocols like Zigbee, Z-Wave, BLE, Wi-Fi, etc.
Share your opinions and ideas of everything in the IoT fields with other IoT developers and technophiles.

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