IoT Based Greenhouse Monitoring and Control System for Smart Agriculture

Dusun IoT proposed Greenhouse monitoring and control system based on IoT LED greenhouse lights. The Greenhouse lighting system can detect plant growth, control the spectrum of plant lights, etc. The application of smart lighting in agriculture helps save resources and manpower.
IoT Based Greenhouse Monitoring
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Greenhouse monitoring and control system aims to increase industrial productivity and efficiency in smart agriculture. According to a recent study, the IoT market in the agricultural sector is expected to reach about USD 18.7 billion by 2026. IoT’s future in agriculture is experiencing a significant increase in capital size and revenue generation with a +8.8% CAGR①.

IoT technology includes autonomous farming methods that help farms produce high-quality goods and give farm managers the best features. A listed pharmaceutical company needed hydroponic plants in the greenhouse due to business needs but was limited by objective conditions, so it approached Dusun IoT for help.


User: Listed pharmaceutical company

Market Segment: Agricultural sector

Project time: 2022

Product: DSGW-030 IoT Gateway

Greenhouse Challenge

Plant growth depends on the energy of light for photosynthesis to grow, bloom and bear fruit. However, due to the ever-changing climate and light factors in nature, plants need help to fully absorb the photosynthetic nutrients they need during different growth periods, which is detrimental to growth, especially in the seedling stage. In order to improve growing conditions in harsh environments, more and more people are now turning to indoor planting.

However, growing indoors is not accessible due to the lack of sufficient sunlight. In addition, commonly used LED greenhouse lights supplement systems usually use a fixed ratio of red and blue lamp beads to achieve a fixed light intensity.

It is challenging to meet the light intensity requirements of different plants or different growth stages of the same plant, and it is easy to cause insufficient or excessive light supplementation. Therefore, a scientific and reasonable artificial spectrum is needed to create proper absorption and reflection conditions for plant growth.

To overcome these challenges, automated greenhouse monitoring systems have emerged. The growing popularity of technologies such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence is a key factor in developing connected greenhouses in the coming years. In this way, the grower can monitor and control the relevant parameters (brightness, temperature, soil condition, humidity) to ensure a better growth rate of the crop.

Dusun IoT Solution

Dusun IoT proposes a greenhouse monitoring and control system based on the latest Bluetooth 5.3 protocol. According to the integration requirements of different devices, the solution applies two Bluetooth protocol standards: the Bluetooth mesh networking standard for plant lighting and the beacon data broadcast for terminal sensors.

The whole system takes the DSGW-030 IoT gateway as the core for the Mesh networking. It configures each Bluetooth light control module into the entire network through the Bluetooth mesh protocol standard to realize data collection, control, and forwarding functions. Dusun IoT’s Bluetooth mesh light control module can support various lights so that lights of different types and sizes can be connected to the Bluetooth mesh network.

Take the temperature and humidity sensor as an example for the part of the terminal sensor. As long as the gateway detects a Dusun IoT sensor nearby, it will collect the corresponding temperature and humidity data and upload it to the configured server. Then the user can implement some logical judgments and applications on the server side based on the collected data.

After the entire device networking and construction process is completed, the gateway can be connected to its own IoT cloud platform through the MQTT protocol. In this process, the data communication between the cloud platform and the gateway is bidirectional. That is, the gateway will upload the data detected by the sensor to the platform in real time, and the platform can also control the entire set of lighting control equipment through the API interface we provide.

IoT greenhouse 1
IoT greenhouse 2


Real-time Monitoring

Sensors are installed in place of the equipment to extract information. The collected data is further processed to provide real-time insight into plant status, resource utilization, and equipment condition. Sensors help to identify any errors in a timely manner that could lead to lost productivity.

In addition, IoT technology tracks real-time data analysis to provide management control, keeping an eye on relevant parameters (such as brightness, temperature, humidity, and soil) to ensure better growth rates of crops.

Equipment abnormalities, such as plant lamp failures, will interrupt and interfere with the cultivation process, resulting in abnormal recorded data. The smart greenhouse solution can send alerts when problems arise, alerting managers in time, thereby reducing losses.

BLE smart lighting

The dashboard of the plant factory based on Dusun gateway

Intelligent Management

Managers can easily monitor and operate remotely on the mobile APP. For example, to quickly boost hydroponic plants’ growth by adjusting different light spectrums and shade brightness and the level of water displaced. Control the water pump switch to flow out the nutrient solution so that the plant roots can fully enjoy the nutrients, or set a timer switch to save resources.

The staff can also enjoy the fully automated cultivation system through voice control. The staffs only need to give simple instructions, and the greenhouse lighting system will automatically recognize and control the equipment.

BLE smart lighting 2
Greenhouse monitoring and control system

Dusun IoT Devices Used in Greenhouse Monitoring and Control System


The DSGW-030 IoT gateway is used in smart agriculture, smart security, and smart homes. It is an IoT hub that supports Wi-Fi, zigbee3.0, BLE, and Z-WAVE, among other wireless protocols. Ethernet and Wi-Fi are also options for the user to connect to the network. Additionally, smart sensors can be linked together using Z-WAVE, BLE, and Zigbee 3.0.


The DSM-058 Powerboard is a low-cost 5CH drive conversion solution that is primarily used in 0-10V PWM drive mode drivers. It can realize remote dimming, color adjustment function, and scene linkage utilizing the company’s DSM-055 module.

Another greenhouse lighting system based on Home Assistant gateway from Dusun IoT is presented above for your reference. If you are interested, please contact us, we will provide customized solutions according to your needs.


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