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Dusun IoT offers ThingsBoard MQTT gateway devices for IoT developers, solution vendors and enterprise customers to quickly deploy IoT solutions. Multiple protocols supported, industrial standard and waterproof design, ThingsBoard official certification acquired.

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Dusun Iot’s Industrial level ThingsBoard Gateway Devices

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Industry Edge Computer Gateway

CPU: iMX.6    OS: Debian
RAM: Up to 512MB   Storage: Up to 8GB
Protocols: Modbus, OPC-UA, BACnet, BLE, CAN, LTE
ThingsBoard IoT Solution: Smart Energy, Smart Office, Fleet Tracking

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Dusun Pi3 Model C

CPU: PX30J    OS: Debian
RAM: Up to 2GB   Storage: Up to 32GB
Protocols: LoraWAN, Wi-Fi 2.4G/5G
ThingsBoard IoT Solution: Smart Farming, Environment monitoring

thingsboard product 3

CDGW-006 IoT Gateway

CPU: MT7628    OS: OpenWrt
RAM: Up to 128MB   Storage: Up to 32GB
Protocols: Modbus, BLE, LTE
ThingsBoard IoT Solution: Smart metering, Water metering, Smart retail

Dusun ThingsBoard Gateway Features

feature 1
Multi-Protocol (Wire and Wireless) Supported

  • Device: BLE, Modbus, CAN, OPC-UA, LoRaWAN, and BACnet
  • Cloud: Ethernet, and LTE
  • Connector: MQTT, OPC-UA, Modbus, BLE, Request, CAN, BACnet, ODBC, RESET, SNMP, FTP, Socket, and custom connector on ThingsBoard

feature 2
Industrial level / Waterproof Design

  • Wateproof design, critical for outdoor environments
  • Industrial level protection, appropriate for complex environments

feature 3
Complete Industry Hardware Solutions

  • Simple configuration, easy access to ThingsBoard cloud
  • Full hardware solutions with smart thermostats, switches, and water meters etc

feature 4

  • ThingsBoard offical certification
  • All majority certification inclduing FCC, CE, IC, WPC, NTC, KC, RCM, SRRC and more

Dusun ThingsBoard Gateway Benefits

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Simple Deployment

  • Fast deployment in less than a week.
  • Simple device connections to the ThingsBoard IoT cloud platform, configure its settings and deploy solutions.
  • Customers can deploy thingsboard locally and view the ThingsBoard log on the server.

Full User Support

  • Rapid iterative upgrades to meet diverse requirements
  • Full Customization with ODM support

One-stop Development for IoT Gateways, Industrial Motherboards & System on Modules. Turn IoT Device Development Process into Success.

Dusun ThingsBoard Gateway Solutions

ThingsBoard Fleet Tracking
The Dusun DSGW-210-ThingsBoard has the capability to monitor real-time routes and the states of vehicles as they depart. Long-distance vehicle tracking is possible when using our ThingsBoard gateway in conjunction with beacons.
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ThingsBoard Smart Energy
Dusun IoT ThingsBoard gateway can be used with smart energy sensors to monitor and control smart energy use cases. Our ThingsBoard gateway lets you track water and electric use in industrial scene and smart apartment scene. Users can reduce energy waste and costs by analyzing sensor data.
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ThingsBoard Smart Metering
As smart electric and water meters gain popularity, utility providers can use our ThingsBoard gateway to track water and electric use in businesses, apartments, and other households. Companies can bill based on water and electricity use or time-of-day or reward households and businesses for conserving resources.
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ThingsBoard Smart Farming
Our Thingsboard Gateway (DSGW-014) can improve farm efficiency because the user can integrate ThingsBoard's server infrastructure with his smart sensor. It's easy to use, fully scalable, reliable, and inexpensive. Our ThingsBoard-based solution reduces environmental impact, maximizes yield, and reduces costs by analyzing data from devices.
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ThingsBoard Smart Office
Dusun ThingsBoard gateways are flexible and easy to connect with smart thermostats, switches, etc.  The DSGW-210-ThingsBoard working with the smart thermostat (DSHT-040), automates the maintenance of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Owners can control the office's heating and cooling even when not at work.
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ThingsBoard Gateway Buying FAQs

You can find more information about Dusun IoT, one of ThingsBoard’s hardware partners, at

The ThingsBoard gateway will collect the data from the sub-devices that are compatible with the protocol and then send it on to the ThingsBoard platform directly. For this reason, Dusun does not require knowledge of the particular protocol analysis method utilized by the device in order to guarantee the versatility and safety of the data.

Now, Dusun’s ThingsBoard gateways come equipped with a variety of common industrial protocol interfaces. These interfaces include MODBUS, RS485, and RS232, and they support industrial protocols like bacnet and Profinet.

Yes, the ThingsBoard Software Development Kit was used for the gateway client installation. That is to say that you have access to a wide variety of scripts on gateway for the purpose of further developing your application.

Yes, the Iot Gateway client can be pre-installed if necessary in order to facilitate customers in directly connecting the gateway to the ThingsBoard IoT platform. This is only the case if the gateway is required.

Since the DSGW-210 series has now adopted the docking mode of the ThingsBoard software development kit, there is no longer a need for an additional MQTT broker.

Yes, so long as the host address that corresponds to the customer’s ThingsBoard Professional Host service is configured on the page that serves as the gateway to the customer’s account.

During this stage of development, we are only able to provide standard customized firmware. During the stage of mass production, we are able to provide the corresponding customization firmware, and in the factory, we can directly burn the firmware version that the customer requires.

Customers can connect the DSGW-210-ThingsBoard gateway to the platform by referring to the document that is located in the link provided by Dusun, which provides a detailed operation guide. ( )

ThingsBoard Gateway Customer Case

Thanks to the Dusun team for assisting us in uploading the data from the Chirpstack NS side to the Thingsboard platform, completing the data path from the LoRaWAN sub-device to the Thingsboard server, and realizing a complete solution. This is really amazing!

New Zealand Customer

New Zealand company Bl***** needs to collect data on the premise of having LoRaWAN sub-equipment and use Thingsbord as a dashboard to monitor, analyze and control the growth of plants. The Dusun team helps customers integrate Chirpstack NS into our gateway locally. The customer directly connects to Chirpstack to our LoRaWAN gateway and then passes the data from Chirpstack to Thingboard to complete the whole solution setup.

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