DSGW-014 LoRaWAN Gateway Outdoor Waterproof IP66 with Built-in LNS Integration

Model: DSGW-014 Category:

DSGW-014 LoRaWAN Outdoor Gateway is a robust industrial IoT gateway developed based on PX30K processor and SX1302 module with advanced signal processing ability and improved network capacity. Industrial-grade IP66 aluminum alloy housing, PoE power supply and wide operating temperature range making it perfect for remote monitoring and maintenance in industrial automation. Satellite positioning as well as OTA supported.

  • CPU: Quad-core Cortex A35 PX30K; RAM: 2GB, eMMC: 32GB; OS: Debian 11;
  • Based on the LoRa Concentrator Engine: Semtech SX1302
  • TX power up to 27dBm, RX sensitivity down to -139dBm @SF12, BW125kHz
  • LoRa Frequency band support: RU864, IN865, EU868, US915, AU915, KR920, AS923
  • Support Bluetooth 5.2; Support SIM Card (LTE Cat1/M1); Support GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS;
  • Built-in Wi-Fi Module (2.4GHz);
  • 1 * WAN/LAN variable port: 10/100 Mbps;
  • PoE for power supply (44 ~ 57 V);
  • Support IP66 waterproof housing
  • Support OTA;
  • Working Temperature: -20℃ ~ 65℃

Quick View of DSGW-014 LoRaWAN Gateway Outdoor

DSGW-014 LoRaWAN gateway outdoor employs high-performance PX30K quad-core processor and Semtech SX1302 LoRaWAN chip to design powerful industrial IoT gateways. It supports LoRaWAN in global frequency, BLE 5.2, Wi-Fi 2.4G, 4G LTE Cat1/Cat M1, and Ethernet protocols. Meanwhile, satellite positioning through GPS,GLONASS,Galileo and QZSS are supported as well. You can see it has 5 antennas in total, including 2 4G LTE antennas, 1 GPS antenna, 1 LoRaWAN antenna, and 1 Wi-Fi 2.4G antenna.

DSGW-014 outdoor LoRaWAN gateway has a IP66 waterproof enclosure made of high strength aluminum alloy. It can operate in wide temperature range from -20℃ to 65℃, able to work in demanding environment, regardless of harsh weathers, extended temperatures or high humidity through the seasons. It has PoE power supply and is designed for flat /pole/hoop-mounting, easily be installed as part of an existing telecommunications tower, individual stand or wall mount.

DSGW-014 LoRaWAN Outdoor Gateway has built-in integration with LNS (LoRaWAN network server)like Chirpstack, AWS IoT Core, LORIOT, and Things Stack,etc., easy for users to directly put it into the use and save deployment time. For perfectly applicated for remote monitoring and maintenance in industrial automation, it support OTA for remote upgrading.

Reasons to Require DSGW-014 LoRaWAN Gateway Outdoor

When implementing remote monitoring and control duties, such as fisheries ship location tracking or outdoor operation in hazardous environments, businesses must find secure, scalable, and cost-effective IoT solutions to ensure personnel safety and acceptable maintenance costs.

The durable waterproof casing of the LoRaWAN LTE 4G gateway ensures normal operation in complicated geographical and meteorological environments such as oceans, deserts, and the wild. LoRaWAN LTE gateways with GPS capabilities allow managers to track the real-time location of outside employees and activate security alarms as needed. LoRaWAN Cellular Gateway is ideal for offloading gateway traffic with high mobility and data speeds equivalent to Wi-Fi.

LoRaWAN operates over a range of approximately 5-10km and sends small amounts of data at irregular intervals, making it ideal for battery-powered devices in remote areas. This reduces the risks of deployment ROI if batteries in remote devices do not last as long as expected, or the chosen network does not support the real-time communication required for mission-critical applications. Meanwhile, LoRaWAN works in the unlicensed ISM (industrial, scientific, and medical) band, which requires relatively low deployment costs compared to deploying multiple Wi-Fi routers in resource-constrained places.

LoRaWAN 4G gateway with 64-bit CPU processor supports strong multi-thread computing and can run real-time operating system. It can collect data from up to 10 miles away using strong LoRaWAN rasio wave, route data, and sync to the cloud using LTE 4G/Wi-Fi/Ethernet for distant IoT use cases.

DSGW 014 6

Features of DSGW-014 LoRaWAN Gateway Outdoor

Multiple Backhaul Connectivities

Capturing data from end LoRa devices and sends it to the cloud via Wi-Fi 2.4G, 4G LTE and Ethernet

Multi-Protocol LoRaWAN Gateway

Coming with Wi-Fi 2.4G, BLE 5.2, LoRaWAN, and GPS

Waterproof(IP66) and Robust Aluminum Enclosure

Features all-around IP66 Rating for protection from water and dust ingress, ideal for the harsh environments

dsgw 014 Multi Protocol ip66
dsgw 014 capacity lorawan frequency

High Capacity

Supporting receiving data from 8 end-devices simultaneously and supporting up to 1000 end-devices

Global LoRaWAN Frequency Plans

LoRa Frequency band support: RU864, IN865, EU868, US915, AU915, KR920, AS923, CN470

Hardware Overview of DSGW-014 LoRaWAN Gateway Outdoor

014 back
014 positively

Dimensions and Package of DSGW-014 LoRaWAN Gateway Outdoor

DSGW 014 Dimension
DSGW 014 Package List 1
Package List

Parameter of DSGW-014 LoRaWAN Gateway Outdoor

CPU Quad-core Cortex A35
System Debian11
Network Interface • 1 * 10/100 Mbps WAN/LAN variable port
• Supports CAT-5/CAT-5E for data transmission
• Supports POE (voltage range 44-57V)
Indicator LEDs (RGB) 1). Power 2). Network 3)LTE
Installation Flat, Ceiling
Antenna 2 * LTE, 1 * GPS, 1 * LoRa, 1 * Wi-Fi 2.4G
Hardware Encryption ATECC608B
Operating Temperature -20℃~65℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~85℃
Operating humidity 10%~90%
IP rating IP66

Use Cases of DSGW-014 LoRaWAN Gateway Outdoor

iot energy monitoring

IoT Energy Monitoring

iot water mangement

IoT Water Management

iot smart agriculture

IoT Smart Agriculture

iot supply chain

IoT Supply Chain

iot smart parking

IoT Smart Parking

Development Resources of DSGW-014 LoRaWAN Gateway Outdoor

[QUICK START] DSGW-014 Outdoor LoRa Gateway SDK Quick Start Guide V1.1 V1.1
[SDK] DSGW-014_SDK_V1.0 V1.0
[Firmware packaging] DSGW014_debian11_release_AV1.1 V2.1
Burning tool] AndroidTool_Release
[Upgrade_tool] DriverAssitant_v4.91 V4.9.1
Third-Party Software
[Node-RED] Node-Red
[Zigbee2Mqtt] Zigbee2Mqtt Source Code & How To Install and Deploy[Dusun]
[Docker] docker
[Openz-wave] OpenZwave Tutorial

Model List of DSGW-014 LoRaWAN Gateway Outdoor

Category A (In Stock)
Model Hardware Software
·Wi-Fi ·GPS
NS Embedded NS cloud
DDR eMMC LTE TTN Chirpstack Chirpstack AWS IoT
LORIOT ThingsStack
DSGW-014-2-F 2GB 32GB
Category C (Built by Order, MOQ: 500)
Model Hardware Software
·Wi-Fi ·GPS
NS Embedded NS cloud
DDR eMMC LTE TTN Chirpstack Chirpstack AWS IoT
LORIOT ThingsStack
DSGW-014-1-F 2GB 32GB
DSGW-014-1-L 1GB 16GB
DSGW-014-2-L 1GB 16GB
Region List
Type Region Frequecy(MHZ)
-CN China CN470
-EU Europe EU868
-US North America US915
-AS Asia AS923
-AU Australia AU915
-KR Korea KR920
-IN India IN865
-RU Russia RU864

Additional information

Product Type

IoT Gateway

Chip Platform


CPU Name






Back-up Battery



RJ45, SIM Card Slot

System support


Operating Temperature



Ceiling, Flat

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