Cellular LTE Gateways

Easy to Integrate, Monitor, and Manage your IoT Devices

A variety of 4G/5G LTE routers and gateways including CAT1, CAT4, and CAT M1 for different usage scenarios, empowers IoT developers, Solution providers and Enterprise customers to quickly deploy Cellular LTE solutions

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Programmable 4G/5G Cellular LTE Router Gateways

LTE CAT4 is the most common and simpler high-speed LTE UE category that supports uplink data rates up to 50Mbps and downlink data rates up to 150Mbps which enables applications like high-quality video surveillance, routers, etc. To provide this performance, the LTE CAT4 utilizes the simplest MIMO configuration: the 2x2 MIMO(2 TX antennas and 2 RX antennas). And it is best suited for IoT applications, which require higher throughputs and more bandwidth.
  • High data rates ranging from (10-100Mbps)
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Handover capability
  • Voice over LTE (VoLTE)
  • Low latency
CAT1 is an LTE UE Category specifically designed for Machine-to-Machine(M2M) and IoT applications. In order to save power and cost for large-scale or long-range IoT system, bandwidth and communication demand is decreased. LTE CAT1 supports a maximum of 10 Mbit/s downlink speed and 5 Mbit/s uplinks. And it is best suited for use cases that are dependent on both high-speed data transmission and the reliability of the 4G network.
  • High data streaming throughput
  • Lowe latency for wake-up application
  • Wider global coverage
CAT M1 devices have significant advantages for the cellular network, IoT developers, and customers. In addition to its ability to manage low to medium data transfers, including voice-over IP and firmware and software updates, LTE-M has another significant advantage that LTE-M is backward compatible with existing LTE networks, which means carriers do not need to spend money to create the new station. Thanks to its Low power consumption capability, it enables maintenance costs to decrease drastically compared to other cellular connectivity options.

Cellulat LTE Enterprise Gateway Features


Programmable Gateway

Designed for IoT developers to customize the firmware logics, and build the custom firmware from the bottom layer. A Linux-based operating system that allows developers to create their own applications and UI interfaces.


Full Certification

Product certifications: BQB, FCC, IC, FAC, WPC, KC, NTC, RCM, and SRRC.
Carrier Network Certification: PTCRB, GCF, AT&T, Vodafone, China Mobile, China Telecom


Multi Protocols

Multi-protocol supported: LTE, Wi-Fi, Zigbee 3.0, BLE, Z-wave, Lorawan, Modbus, BACnet etc.

odm support

ODM Support

Full Customization with ODM, capable for Application Development.


Data secure & Reliable connection

Secure device connections and data with mutual authentication and end-to-end encryption.


Ultra Support

Deep indoor and outdoor coverage, encompass multi-floor buildings and long-range field scopes.

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LTE IoT Gateway Solutions

LTE Gateway for Healthcare (Telemedicine)

Our LTE Gateway is specifically suitable for healthcare scenarios.
In addition to providing multiple frequency ranges with low latency and a higher data rate, it is capable of exchanging information in a more secure approach.

LTE Gateway for Smart Apartment

As smart electric and water meters become more popular, utility providers can use cellular gateway to track water and electric use in businesses, apartments, and homes. Companies can achieve remote management based on water and electricity use, time of day, or reward households and enterprises for conserving resources.

LTE Gateway for Smart Agriculture

Dusun LTE-M IoT Gateways support AT&T LTE-M as well as Zigbee 3.0, BLE, and LoRa. CAT 1 makes DSGW-010 flexible and effective across ranges. Most cellular carriers have created an extensive 4G network.
Our agriculture solution reduces environmental impact, maximizes yield, and reduces costs by analyzing sensor data.


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