Programmable IoT Gateways

Dusuniot's smart hubs are open to allow IoT solution providers to deploy custom IoT applications without need to develop hardware from the ground up.

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Why You Can Build Applications Based On Our Smart Gateway?

Most of the smart gateways are standard for direct use in the market, but there are so many custom applications would be needed in the different circumstances and industries.

Therefore, Dusuniot lauched programmable smart gateways that are open enough, and enable integration to most of clouds or platforms. Thus IoT solution providers can develop custom applications in the fastest and easiest way. Learn more about our gateway

Multiple Protocols

  • Zigbee 3.0 and it's all sub-protocols

  • LTE  Zwave  BLE

  • WIFI

High Compatibility

  • Run on the Linux OpenWRT system

  • Uplink to most of cloud platforms

  • Downlink to wireless devices or sensors of different brands

Professional Support

  • Provide SDK and API documents

  • Certifications like CE/FCC/Rohs approval

  • ODM/OEM manufacturing services

Explore More About Our Products


Sensors & Detectors


Smart Plug/Switch

TV Remote Control

  • A full list of smart devices for your choices from smart hubs to smart locks and sensors detectors

  • Value-added support on both hardware and software

  • Use our App or help you integrate to your own cloud

  • Able to integrate to the third platform Tuya Ayla Homekit...

  • Manufacturing service from Prototype to Mass production


  • Custom features to meet market trend

  • Certification service: UL, CE, FCC, ROHS, ETL


  • Widely applied in access control, security control, and energy saving