Industrial IoT Gateway

Based on Linux and OpenWRT, with open source framework, Dusun IIoT gateways empower ever fast digital transmission of industries.

Dusun offers industrial IoT gateway with powerful industrial edge computing capabilities, open software and hardware resources, and SDKs. With strong FAE support and rapid app deployment support, Dusun’s industrial iot gateway are ideal chocies for IoT applications, including building management, energy management, manufacturing, transportation and more.

Reliable IIoT Gateway Connection

iiot devices

Modbus, BACnet, CAN, Profinet;
Ethernet/IP, OPC-UA, BLE, Wi-Fi and more

iiot cloud

Ethernet, Cellular, LTE CAT1, CAT M1 and CAT 4

iiot interface

RS485, RS232, I/O, WAN/LAN and USB

iiot cooperative ecosystem

IIoT Gateway Cooperative Ecosystem

Supports Microsoft AZURE, Amazon AWS and ThingsBoard, Dusun’s azure edge gateway and AWS edge gateway offer customers from various industries with more solutions.

Complete Industrial Edge Gateway Security

A complete security protection, including encryption technology to protect data transmission, firewalls to protect network security, and Open System Interconnection to ensure secure device access.

complete edge security

Why Dusun

industrial iot gateway dusun

Full certifications including: FCC, CE, IC, WPC, NTC, KC, RCM, SRRC and more

odm service
ODM Service

  • Support for ODM customization
  • Full hardware service for you to concentrate on application development

indurial grade design
Indurial Grade Design

  • Industrial grade protection, suitable for complex environment
  • Operating Temperature from -40℃ to 85℃

Contact Dusun’s experts to boost your Industrial IoT capabilities

Industrial Edge Gateway Use Cases


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